BOU 001 – Kicking Off With Our Review of “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”

Johnny, Sean, and Dave, writers who host the Self Publishing Podcast, decided that they didn’t spend nearly enough hours talking into microphones, so they decided to start this brand new podcast, Better Off Undead.

This podcast is a celebration of all that is awesome in the world of horror, a genre they all write in. Johnny, author of the non-horror Bialy Pimps, is working on a zombie series while Sean and Dave have written the Yesterday’s Gone post-apocalyptic serial, and are now at work on a proper zombie serial.

They decided to start a podcast for horror fans, people who like great horror fiction, TV, movies, comics, and video games. In other words, they enjoyed the self-publishing podcast so much, they decided to sit around and talk about the non-writing cool shit they like.

So how did they kick off the first podcast celebrating all that is awesome in horror?

By talking about one of the WORST HORROR MOVIES EVER… Birdemic: Shock and Terror (also available on Netflix)

The guys decided they’d begin the inaugural podcast by challenging themselves and YOU, the reader/listener, to find a movie worse than Birdemic: Shock and Terror. (Good luck with that, by the way).

Johnny, Sean, and Dave talked about just what makes this movie so awesome (or horribly awesome), but not before Johnny dissed Twilight, Dave defended it (because he has a thing for girls who don’t smile), and Sean tried to pretend that he didn’t just have a Team Edward poster up on his wall a week ago!

The guys then went picked the movie apart, debated whether the movie was intentionally awful or some kind of Andy Kaufmanesque work of subversive genius (Dave voted for the latter, though he may have been pulling a Kaufman, himself), and played clips from some of the best parts of the movie.

Speaking of “best parts,” you should watch this short YouTube highlights reel first. It’s epic:

At nearly a full hour, they may have actually spent more time on talking about the movie than the writers spent writing it.

After devoting the first episode of Better Off Undead to the cinematic masterpiece, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, the guys weren’t sure if they’d just made the best show ever or worst. Kinda like the movie. They promised to actually talk about things you care about in the next episode. Assuming they haven’t all slit their wrists in a post-Birdemic depression.


Got a movie WORSE than Birdemic that’s available on Netflix instant streaming? Post a link in the comments below and maybe the guys will watch it and devote an hour to your most loved/despised movie.

In case you haven’t SEEN Birdemic: Shock and Terror, watch the clip below and re-think whether you can find something to top this movie.

Though, it seems like the makers of Birdemic might actually be the first to answer the challenge, when they come back later this year with Birdemic The Resurrection, which, if you recall, was clearly predicted by the Mayans.

See you next week!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Our Review of Horror Classic “Birdemic” and Other Stupid Shit



  1. Oh-my-god what a waste of fucking time that movie is. And here I thought Day of the Triffids and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes sucked. No way am I ever going to watch it – I’d rather spend the time gouging out my eyes…

    • If you’re willing to watch it for humor, rather than as a real movie, it’s totally worth my time. I laughed way harder at this than I do at 90% of real comedies.

      • I agree with Sean on this one. It is so epically, amazingly, unbelievably terrible that it’s worth it for the comedy value alone. I mean, listening back to this podcast, I found I wanted to watch it again.

        Sean, I’m going to take you up on that offer to get together and watch Birdemic 2 in theaters when it comes out.

  2. Just out of curiosity I watched the YouTube clip of “best parts”, and I swear…I thought it was a parody of the real movie. Then, I watched you guys in the podcast recording, and I came to the harsh realization that it was not a parody, but actual clips from the actual movie. OMFG…those CGI birds hovering over the motel and the bus…I’m speechless…the movie is sooo bad. You guys, on the other hand, rock. You made me laugh so hard I cried, and you successfully turned a complete piece of crap into something epic. I think this was an AWESOME first podcast for BOU, and I’m really looking forward to more. I’m a True Blood fan, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on Season 5. But to return to the topic of Birdemic…the movie seems to link this crazy bird activity to global warming and climate change, and as these are real threats to the planet, my question to each of you is how would you prepare for a bird apocalypse? Would it differ from your preparation for a zombie apocalypse, and if so, how? The quality of Birdemic as a movie aside, I think it raises a real concern, and if you have any tips/advice/suggestions on how to prepare for a bird apocalypse, I’d really appreciate them…you see, I have a pigeon situation in my building…I hear them cooing at my bedroom window first thing in the morning, and this movie has now made me very ill at ease…

    • I don’t know what I’d do to prepare, but I think zombies would scare me more than birds. Birds do have numbers, but zombies have opposable thumbs.

      • One word: Popemobile. Good luck getting through my plexiglass dome, fuckers.

        I was telling Sean and Dave this by email, but I found that I actually can’t listen to this podcast at the gym. Even though I was one of the guys who recorded the show, I was laughing so hard listening back to it that I was actually creating a hazardous situation where I could drop weights on myself if I wasn’t prepared and a good joke came at the wrong time. This show is hazardous to your health.

        • Thanks for the plexiglass tip, Johnny. These pigeons get louder every day (probably because they’re reproducing right outside my window), and they’re makin’ me nervous…

      • Yeah…but birds have those beady, little eyes and sharp beaks…I’m surprised there aren’t more bird-centered horror films…

  3. A challenge to find a worse movie than Birdemic, you say?

    Challenge accepted:
    After Last Season:

    After Last Season is far worse. At least in Birdemic, I could tell what was going on, and the sets looked something like the sort of places they were supposed to be. Also, Birdemic’s sound was better. No, really.

    Also, these two are debatably worse, and at least as bad:
    Psycho Kickboxer:


    The Amazing Bulk:

    Booth simply have to be seen to be believed.

    • Wow. I’m never going to get any work done. Ever again.

    • OMFG… look at “what do customers buy after viewing this item” for the Last Season one.

      • HAHA, check out this review:

        “I suspect director Mark Region is a “character” created by a more established director for the purpose of using incompetence as a narrative framing device. You can almost imagine him saying “No, deliver that line with less genuine emotion! Be more awkward. Act like you’re auditioning for a high school play you really don’t want to be in”; or “This set isn’t shabby and alienating enough. Glue some wallpaper to that wall, strip it off, and then tape some paper over it!”

        The other title beside Birdemic in “What other customers buy” is “The Room,” which was the next movie I was going to suggest.

        • Those poor people. There must be some way to exploit the “we want shit” Amazon demographic.

      • These are great suggestions. Horror seems to be such a fertile ground for horribleness. Comedy and drama terribleness pales by comparison.

        BTW, my favorite part is how the email address you’re using to leave these comments is sending every one to moderation. Our blog is like, HELL NO, YOU’D BETTER CHECK THIS ONE to me each time.

        • Sorry. That’s my spamcatcher email address – I use it for all my forum posts and stuff.

          • That one went through. I think the AI in the machine has finally figured you out.

  4. DISCLAIMER: If you think weightlifting while listening to this podcast is a bad idea, try driving. There is no way in hell I could have survived this movie (or even the opening credits) without your encouragement, but I took your advice and watched it in its entirety on Netflix streaming, then listened to the rest of your podcast while behind the wheel. I don’t think I could have done as much damage as exploding dive-bombing CGI eagles, but being temporarily blinded by tears of laughter while driving the freeways of L.A. could have turned out a lot worse.

    I’m not a big horror movie buff, but thanks to you guys, I’m now a big low-budget romantic thriller (???) fanatic.

    I vote for a Dead Alive/Brain Dead (I think it’s had both titles) review, not because it’s anywhere near as catastrophic, but because it shows how much more reckless Peter Jackson was when he had far less money to work with.

    • Ha! Thanks Brad. Brain Dead is the name of a movie I was trying to come up with yesterday for our second Better Off Undead show, and couldn’t. It’s the opposite of Birdemic since it probably cost about the same, but you could tell it was crazy fun to make. I have that one on DVD, lol.

    • This podcast needs a disclaimer or a warning.

  5. BTW, apropos of nothing other than the fact that I just saw it, I have this to say:

    FACT: Even though people call it one, Xanadu is not a bad movie. A dated movie, yes. An inconsequential movie, yes. Even perhaps a silly movie, yes. But a bad movie, no.

    And it is NOT a disco movie! ELO is not disco! Can people seriously not tell the difference between disco and prog rock?

    End of mini-rant.

    • Xanadu is a classic! Olivia Newton John rollerskating to ELO…OMG that takes me back. I loved that film when I was a kid, and though I probably wouldn’t watch it again, I still wouldn’t consider it a bad movie. Saying that ELO is disco… (shakes head) some people are just ignorant, man.

      • I just love that Xanadu is mentioned in the comments for a horror podcast.

  6. In related news…

    James Nguyen has taken to Indiegogo, which is like Kickstarter for artists, in order to get enough money to finish Birdemic II:

    Donate today, or we may never get to see this cinematic masterpiece!

    • FUCK. YES.

  7. This is the only time I’ve been to your website. Thank you for providing more details.

    • You are welcome.

  8. Just discovered your show and have been catching up on past episodes. Thanks a whole lot! I just wasted several minutes of my life watching that youtube clip on Birdemic. Holy shit! I never laughed so hard in my whole life. I can’t belive that someone actually paid money to produce this. Wonder what it cost? My 13 yr daughter and some of her friends made their own zombie video and did a better job. Plus all it cost was a bag of chips and a few drinks when they got hungry. I’m going over to Netflix now to see if it’s still available. I have a few friends that I need to torture and this will certainly do the trick!

    • I could watch Birdemic on a loop and never stop laughing.


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