BOU 010 – Horror Movies that Didn’t Work and BOU’s Fat Baby

BOU 010 – Horror Movies that Didn’t Work and BOU’s Fat Baby

Fat Vampire cover by Johnny B. TruantHey Dave here, with a cool announcement.

Johnny opened the show talking about his new book, Fat Vampire, which is based on an idea he came up with during a hypothetical discussion during BOU Episode 6, making it BOU’s Fat Bastard Baby.

If you’re a fan of vampires, dark humor, our show, or fat people, check it out!

You can get the book at Amazon right now, or read about the process from idea to publication in 29 days at his blog.

Sean then decided to read reviews from Neil Cumpston, while Johnny and I got lots of use of our crickets and ticking clock sound effects.

Much of the rest of the show was random bullshit, which included me reading a comment on our site from a reader who complained that the “giggling guy” is NOT FUNNY, and our show is awful because we don’t stay on topic.

We’re not sure which of us is the giggling guy. I assumed it was me. Sean assumed it was him. Johnny assumes it’s Sean, too.

We then read some more bad reviews of the show, one which accused us of talking about our writing “all the time,” which we called bullshit on because for three writers, we hardly EVER talk about our own stuff.

Yes, I notice the irony that we DID talk about it in this episode. But usually, we talk about almost everything BUT our writing.

We then rambled on about unrelated topics (yet again), and wondered if we’d like this episode or hate it. After we signed off, we decided that we’d actually put some effort into next week’s show, to perhaps actually have something to say.

So stay tuned, UnDead Heads, and see what happens next week.

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #10 – Horror Movies That Didn’t Work and BOU’s Fat Baby


  1. Love your show! Despite the negative reviews, I LOVE when you guys go off topic, you’re all hilarious! (Already left a 5-star review on iTunes)

    • Woot!


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