BOU 105 – Dave Hates Halloween (with Ray Chase)

This week’s Better Off Undead was all about Halloween, making it the closest we’ve come to a “horror podcast” in quite a while. Lot’s of great stuff here. Let me give you a few highlights…

As the title suggests, Dave explains why he hates halloween, and even if you’re paranoid like he is, a lot of what he says makes sense. First, he refuses to answer the door because an assassin could be lurking outside, using Halloween as the perfect opportunity to catch him unawares. (That’s right, there are tons of ninjas just waiting all year to chop Dave up.) Second, he won’t take his son trick-or-treating because kids can’t take candy from strangers any other time of the year, so why this one night?

Well, duh.

In other news, Sean got his over-priced popcorn in the mail and realized he’s forgotten how good it actually is. But does any degree of deliciousness really make up for the price tag?

Ray give us a quick tour of his “Funsplosion House.” Not really, but we do get to see more of it in his revolving door of constantly changing backdrops, leaving the guys drolling over the idea of having a Sterling and Stone House.

Sean also explains how Birdemic has changed the way his kids think. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been changed by that experience, but whatever.

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