BOU 011 – Horror Movie Franchises That Got Better vs. Those That Got Worse

BOU 011 – Horror Movie Franchises That Got Better vs. Those That Got Worse

Dave here with this week’s update, and a FIRST!!

We stayed completely (well almost completely) on topic this week

talking about nothing but movie franchises which got better.

We could only think of TWO franchises which got better with their sequels.

28 Weeks Later (the followup to 28 Days Later) and Paranormal Activity 2 and 3.

We also talked a lot about the Alien franchise, and franchises that utterly shit the bed after the first movie.

Weigh in — what do you think? Agree with us?

Got any examples of horror movies where the sequels were better than the original?

At the end of the show we congratulated ourselves for being on topic, but thought the show was missing some of the fun of our usual random scattershot approach to podcasting.

What do you think? Do you like when we’re on topic or when we’re off the rails cracking up about roaming rape gangs in the post-apocalypse? Or somewhere in between?

Let us know so we can moderate our consumption of alcohol accordingly.

Coming next week: A Walking Dead re-cap as Season 3 starts! Should be fun!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #11 – Horror Movie Franchises That Got Better vs. Those That Got Worse


  1. Loved the show this week, loved the topic, but I missed the crazyness and totally off topic shoot-offs. As always tho, you guys are one of my top favorite podcasts, love y’all! Keep up the awesome, and keep Dave away from the rape gangs haha

    • Well, that’s one vote…

  2. Still listening to the episode but wanted to toss this out for Johnny. Sean: Don’t read this!

    At the end of The Descent, the girl pick-axes the other chick in the leg because it is revealed that (in addition to her behavior in the cave) she was sleeping with the protagonist’s husband. So… that’s why she got all stabby.

    Also, I like a mix of on topic and rambling. Because you guys have stuff worth saying on the topics and it’s cool to listen to. But it’s more amusing when you’re off-topic.

    Not sure if that helps / hurts / matters, but there ya go. Enjoying the show, keep up the fun!

    PS: Alien planet is LV-426

    • Ha! Yeah, when I listened back I knew it was LV-426 and realized I’d gotten it wrong and wanted to jump in and yell at myself. 🙂


      On Descent, I didn’t see that at all! I’ll have to watch it again. That would have made sense, but I don’t remember any allusions to screwing around… where was it?

      • I can’t remember exactly. I haven’t watched it in quite some time, but I remember the reveal having to do with the pendent or bracelet or whatever it was. The heroine and her husband had some phrase that they said to each other and the chick that takes the pickaxe to the knee has the same phrase on that piece of jewelry that also reveals that she killed the other woman. I may have to watch it again to be certain but I remember that for some reason…

        • Man, I did NOT get that, and it would totally make it work for me. Dave, if you read this one, was that the impression you got too?

          • Went back to do some verification and got this:


            The subtleties in storytelling are part of what I really love about this film. Neill Marshall is not afraid to let his viewers make conclusions on their own. I hate it when Directors / Writers / etc behave as if their audience needs every bit of minutiae explained to them.

            Happy watching!

          • Wow, thanks for finding that! I thought the pendant simply proved that Beth grappled with Juno, not that Juno was screwing the other’s husband. Now I buy the axing.

  3. Hey guys! Wanted to let you know that even though I really enjoyed the rare on-topic discussion this week, I listen more for the off-the-cuff remarks (rape gangs!) and hilarity that ensues. I would like to see a mix of the two, if that is possible. I realize that you can’t really plan something like that.
    Anyway, I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the Phantasm or The Puppet Master franchises. There were four Phantasm movies and they all creeped me out. I hated the Tall Man! And there were 10 Puppet Master movies with the latest released this year. One of them was even a Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys! I saw the first 3 and thought Puppet Master III – Toulon’s Revenge was the best of those even if it is completely off the story-line from the others. I have seen some of the others that followed but they must have been awful cause I don’t remember much of them. I do need to find the one with Demonic Toys cause you know that one has to be up there with Birdemic!
    Referring back to an earlier podcast, the Puppet Master movies ruined puppets for me and Pennywise ruined clowns for my son. He was just a little guy when he saw some previews for the made-for-TV movie. After that, he would scream bloody murder when he saw a clown. He just turned 24 and still won’t watch it. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening.

    • Oh man, I love that we’re being given permission to talk about nothing relevant!

  4. While I don’t mind going off topic every now and then, I def preferred the structure of ep 11! This is most definitely not a vote against rape gangs though!

    • Aces.

  5. I enjoyed this show. Though I do miss the off topic times. They are great. I think you should talk about what you are doing concerning your horror writing. Maybe talk about the different tv shows. Have a topic that has enough to talk about that you can keep coming back to. I also think you should review another bad movie. I have been told that Black Sheep (2006) is about Zombie sheep in New Zealand. And it only good when watched with others.
    Anyway the only bad thing about your show is trying to explain to co-workers why I am laughing so hard when they come into the room where I am working alone.

    • You’ll love episode #12… minus the next bad movie review (coming soon), this one has everything you love!

  6. Much better when you stay on topic. I actually like the topics and get frustrated when you guys don’t get to them, Thank you! You can still be funny and have offshoots while addressing the topic of the podcast. Generally, horror fans want to hear horror discussion, not crazy rants about Mel Gibson and gang rapes.

    Also wanted to let you know there IS a fat vampire in horror already. In the True Blood novels Elvis is a vampire and he turned when he was fat, pill addicted mess. He doesn’t want anyone to know his true identity so he goes by Bubba. He also eats cats and patrols the woods outside of Sookie’s house.



    PS: Best sequal ever: Muppets From Space

  8. I discovered this podcast last weekend and have now caught up with all episodes! I don’t mind on or off topic banter, it’s all good 🙂
    I have an episode theme for you: what old horror films could be remade using modern day technology and be better than the original?
    Oh, and check out the short story ‘Guts’ by Chuck Palahniuk. I read it after someone left a link on a newstory where a girl got her intestines sucked out in a swimming pool. That is serious f*cked up sh*t!!

    • That’s a great topic idea! And I’ve read “Guts”… that’s disgustingly funny, which is kind of his hallmark. 🙂

  9. I have to vote for off topic craziness guys. Comedy trumps episode description. Also I wanted to ask if anyone had seen Starship Troopers 3 : Marauder. After y’all mentioning they were remaking Starship Troopers minus the camp, I looked up the sequels on Netfilx for funzies. The second is simple fourth rate horror but the third is not as awful as you might think given it’s budget. It’s a little slow but the format is much like the first film and if you can forgive blatant overacting and sub par dialogue it is definitely worth the giggles. If you’re up for it be on the lookout for overactive collagen, ill placed sexual tension/overtones, and gratuitous faith bashing. Oh, and Jingo! Keep up the hilarious work.

    • I’ve not seen Starship Troopers 3, but I did see #2. Total. Waste. Of. Time. #3 being like the first, though, sign me up!


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