Better Off Undead #118 – WHAT FUCKING COLOR IS IT with Monica Leonelle

This week, the guys had the amazing Monica Leonelle on, because apparently, even though Dave is our team artist and graphic designer, Monica is the only one in the group that knows the difference between black and gold!

(By the way, if you’re a writer, or if you want to be one someday, you should totally read Monica’s superb book: Write Better, Faster. It will change your world!)

The show started with a BOU classic trope: Dave complaining about his wife and her one-word text messages. Ah, some things just can’t get old. Monica’s guest appearance started working against Dave from the start, however, when she kind of started siding with Dave’s wife, claiming she does some of the same things in her text messages. Then Dave was stuck in this awkward position: Keep complaining and rail against Monica, too, or be nice to Monica and quit ranting about the wife.

Classic stuff. And that wasn’t even the main topic of the show!

If you haven’t head about it yet, there’s this picture of a dress that appears one color to some people and another color to others. (Check out the picture at:

Apparently, some people see the dress as blue and black (which it actually is) and others see it as white and gold. Which do you see? Who on the BOU team saw which colors? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Here’s an article explaining how the color trick works:

And here’s a youtube video about it, for the BOU fans that can’t read the big words (meaning most of you):

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