BOU 012 – Walking Dead Season 3 in the Hiz-ouse

BOU 012 – Walking Dead Season 3 in the Hiz-ouse

Hey Undead Heads, Dave here.

In this week’s episode, and by semi-popular demand, we go back off-topic!

However, we do actually talk a bit about this week’s topic, the debut of The Walking Dead Season Three! There are some spoilers if you’ve not already watched the show, which start around the 20 minute mark. And last for about 15 minutes or so after that.

Did we like it?

Was it too slow?

What problems did we have with the episode?

Tune in and find out.

Other stuff talked about this week:

What happened when a PR person for a Hollywood actress emailed the Better Off Undead show see if she could be a guest?

It’s a hilarious story and involves Sean not understanding how email and the cc function works!

Also discussed: what happens when I take a bathroom break in the middle of the show, Sean and Johnny’s forthcoming unicorn western, and…

a return of HYPOTHETICALS!

Good times all around!

Coming next week, a re-cap of next week’s The Walking Dead.

Links of note for this episode:

This episode on YouTube, in case you REALLY wanna see us!

Johnny’s Fat Vampire book:

Sean and Dave’s new zombie serial, Z 2134 (which is hovering just outside the Top 100 of all paid titles at Amazon!):



  1. Still in the middle of the podcast, but…

    When Lori is talking about how they hate her, I think it’s because of the whole Rick killing Shane incident. Rick gutted him with a knife, so when she “put the knife in his hand” it’s because of the position she put him in. If you go back and watch again, she’s basically pushing Rick to kill him by saying how dangerous Shane is and how much he doesn’t respect Rick’s authority and doesn’t think Rick can protect them. So there’s that…

    • AAAH, I’ll bet that’s it exactly… Thanks!

  2. LOVED the show! The return of the off-topic-ness had me laughing my a** off the entire time 🙂

    BTW, I’ve read “Fat Vampire,” and loved it! Are you really writing a sequel???

    • Writing? Try “written”! Yep, I’m sitting on the rough draft right now and hope to have FV 2 out around Halloween.

      Thanks for the kudos… Although I’ll bet you liked it because your name is Niki. 🙂


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