#135 Dave Gets Ointment

Dave goes to back to school night and then gets ointment.┬áIf you know Better Off Undead, you know that Dave plus school function is almost as good as Dave plus medical care. But somehow this Better Off Undead got hijacked by Sean’s medical insurance rant.

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  1. I can’t say that I am a fan of horror fiction or movies(as if horror movies weren’t fiction). So I was thrilled when I came across the Better Off Undead podcast. BOU is nothing if not Horror related. (Take that as you will)

    I started listening to Johnny, Sean and Dave on the Self Publishing Podcast about eight months before the relaunch to 2.0, and caught up in real time. I found myself, gasp, having to wait for new episodes to come out. I started feeling my inner stalker come out.

    I tried out the BOU podcast, and the beast is back in the basement. (yeah, I’ll probably write that story too).

    These guys are funny (if off-beat) and their dynamic is infectious. I don’t know if they will ever stay on topic, but hearing the banter is amazing in all the right ways.

    Thanks, guys!


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