BOU 015 – WTF Is Wrong With Dave?

BOU 015 – WTF Is Wrong With Dave?

The scariest picture ever. Dave in a tree.

Hey Undead Heads,

Dave here with this week’s Better Off Undead podcast which begins by asking the age-old question…

“What The Fuck Is Wrong With Dave?

The question, posed by Johnny, was asked after my email to the guys in the middle of last week’s The Walking Dead where I wrote:

“OMG! Best. Episode. Evurrrr!!!!”

Mind you, I wrote the email IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EPISODE, before it got to its supergrimfucking ending, but since Sean and Johnny watch the episode on Monday, they thought I’d already seen the entire episode and was overjoyed by the misery.

So begins both a SPOILER-FILLED BOU podcast which talks about TWD Season 3 Episode 4 AND a deep psychoanalysis of WTF is wrong with me.

Johnny, being the self-obsessed type he is, also took the opportunity to delve into WTF is wrong with HIM and why TV shows like TWD make him all emo.

Enjoy the sadness, folks.

Here’s the video if you prefer to see our beautiful faces.

See you next week, provided you’ve all not slit your wrists.

Kittens and Sunshine,



To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #15 – WTF is Wrong with Dave?


  1. I agree with Dave on a few accounts. This past episode of Walking Dead was the best ever. It left me stunned. Swan Song is a really good novel – and The Road totally left me in a funk after I read it. But that’s typical Cormac McCarthy though – ever read No Country for Old Men?

    The only torture porn I ever experienced was when we lost power for a week after a storm and I had no access to the internet…

  2. Yeah, and Blood Meridian. Dude makes Dave look like Mister Rodgers hosting Sesame Street.

  3. Have any of you read the book “Feed,” part of the Newsflesh series? They really play up the “everybody’s infected” part of zombies. The idea is the virus count in someone’s blood can’t reach a certain level or they turn, since the virus count in a zombie’s spit is so high, you turn fast from a bite, though any physical contact with a zombie is dangerous.

    In Feed, every house has a bio scanner that won’t unlock the door until you pass the safe maximum virus count.

    I guess TWD is about the same. Everyone’s infected, but zombies are more infected, so biting turns you without you having to die first.

    On the other hand, I get the caller’s confusion. In one of the latest episodes, the Governor is inspecting the zombies the girls were using as pack mules (the ones without jaws or arms) and he touched the bloody mouth of one with his finger. Just like the “guts” episode in the first season, I couldn’t figure out why that wouldn’t turn you…

    My questions is: why don’t zombies ever just eat brains anymore? There needs to be a movie about that!

  4. Touching an infected area of someone wouldn’t necessarily turn you, unless you have an open wound.

    I do think, however, that in scenes where they’re fighting zombies up close, swinging all manner of melee weapons around, with blood spewing like an infectious pinata, that they WOULD get infected via flying blood getting into their mouths, eyes, or noses.

    What may be the situation in TWD is that all people are carriers, but they don’t succumb to the infection until they die. Or there’s two different forms of the infection.

    One, everyone got via the air, water, food or something as yet untold. Our bodies, during life, can fight it off. However, once your ability to stave off infection dies with you, the disease takes over.

    The second form is a variant of the first, which undergoes mutation inside a walker, and is deadly upon contact via bite.

    That make sense?

  5. My take on the whole “everyone is infected” thing is kinda like this…

    Everyone is infected, in that everyone is a carrier of a non-fatal viral infection (think common cold, or chickenpox). The virus kicks in after the heart quits pumping and the neurons quit firing in an attempt to keep the host up and running, supporting the viral colony.

    Bites (and scratches/body fluids per some lore) are deadly because they carry toxic elements, similar to Komodo Dragon bites (, which are so overloaded with pathogenic bacteria that you die of infection. I cant imagine a more fertile breeding ground for toxic bacteria than the unwashed mouth of a rotting corpse.

    • …essentially, two totally unrelated processes.

      The bite doesn’t make you a zombie. The bite just kills you. The separate and distinct viral process is then able to kick in, which it’s going to do anyway whether you die tomorrow or safe and warm in your bed at 90.

  6. This may well be the best show so far, at least I found out I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch the news for mental health stability. Two things. First if y’all ever have a topic on or around anime horror or the live action modeling it you have to see Blood: The Last Vampire. The creature CGI gets a bit Ghostbusters at times which bugged me, but mostly I enjoyed it. I don’t know if I liked just how much they tried to get the eeriness of anime style, it sorta ruined my immersion. Love to know what y’all think of it. And second, all your listeners are not in the asylum. I go to seminary. 😉 How is that for a mind fu*k. Cheers!

    • Seminary? Are you sure you don’t mean “cemetery”? That would make so much more sense for our audience.


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