BOU 016 – Birdemic 2, Movie Monsters, and More Hypotheticals

BOU 016 – Birdemic 2, Movie Monsters, and More Hypotheticals

Birdemic 2 - It's back, motherfuckers!Hey Undead Heads, Dave here with this week’s update.

Good news and bad news. The good news (which might also be bad news for the non-visually impaired) is that we got Google Hangouts working two weeks in a row, so there IS video for this episode (linked at the bottom).

Now the bad news: In an effort to better balance our schedules, we moved our recording days to Fridays, but the audio version isn’t live until the following Thursday, so we couldn’t talk about The Walking Dead this week as it hadn’t yet aired. And in future weeks, we’ll be talking about The Walking Dead two episodes ago. So if you’re looking for the most timely musings on TWD, we apologize for the delay.

But this might actually be a good thing since it gives you an extra several days to get caught up on TWD, and maybe there’s less of a chance we’ll spoil anything.

So, this week is a bit of a hodgepodge with hypotheticals we got off the web, the scariest movie monsters, and then, oh yeah, one more bit of good news…

What might be the best movie announcement EVER — Birdemic 2 The Resurrection

Yes, there is a sequel! And it’s coming to theaters!

Don’t believe me, here’s the trailer.

We’re so psyched, we’re going to see if we can get some of the stars from the movie on our show! Hell, if it’s playing in Ohio, I just might take a trip to the premiere to see it with Sean and Johnny! And I hate taking trips which actually involve me leaving my house.

See you next week!

This week’s links:

Birdemic 2 trailer:

Birdemic on Facebook:

The video for this week’s show:



  1. I love this show! It confirms that I am not the only idiot left on earth! I tried to sign up for iTunes, they wanted a credit card, not doing it. Which one of the three amigos wants to give me their credit card number? Sign me up, I’ll go there to rate you, or is that rape you?

    • Yeah, my card number is 666, American Express Black.
      Go crazy!

  2. I would TOTALLY go see Birdemic 2 if it came to a theater here…and I would make people go with me! I love how FINALLY, there’s a movie that acknowledges the word zombie, and it looks like it very well might trump the first Birdemic in the best worst movie ever.

    Also, the idea of Dave as a fluffer will haunt me for nights on end now…

  3. Cool, I love being the featured entertainment in people’s nightmares.

  4. LOL! Floating penises? (or is it penii?)

    Johnny, bodies have to be weighted down because of the air left in lungs, that’s why fuckers float. I have found a great solution around this though because I was spending too much on chains and quick-dry cement.

    • Aaand this comment is for ep. 17…. Which isn’t up lol. My bad.

      • You can comment about floating penises whenever you want. Really, I don’t think there’s a wrong episode for that.

  5. I love listening to your show while at the office, though I wish it was longer. I love horrible B movies, and had to watch Birdemis as soon as you started talking about it! I am really hoping that it come to theaters so I can make several people suffer through it! On another note, read a book called Fat Vampire, and it was competely awful, no really, I mean it completely sucked Ass. But it turned out I didnt download the right one. So I will try to get to yours next, hopefully not as dissapointing. Do you fella’s recommend any good Horror authors ? besides those already mentioned in your shows and yourselves? Thanks for keepin me entertained at work!

    • Ha! Yeah, some dick stole my idea years before I stole it from these guys on this podcast. Can you believe that? I hope you have better luck with the actual correct one!

  6. I sort of think this episode should have been called WTF is wrong with Dave II. Much love buddy but you have ruined what little joy I took from Charlie Brown comics. Also Johnny, I am trying to be mad about how addicting Fat Vampire is because I kill the installments so fast. Either you need to make it boring, or I politely request that you write faster. Hearts to all!

    • Ha! Thanks, Hilary. I’m doing some crazy shit with FV 3 (due out around Christmas), but I think it’ll pay off. 4 and 5 are going to be really ballsy and full of action, so hopefully that turns out to be a good thing.

  7. I STILL love Peanuts. Don’t let my disturbed humor ruin the comics for you. By the way, I’ve heard stories of several cartoonists defiling their own family friendly comics in correspondence with other cartoonists.

    And hell, I was 16 or so, and looking for cheap laughs. My humor is FAR more sophisticated now.



  8. Thanks Dave, I’ll never look at Charlie Brown and Snoopy the same… LOL You should TOTALLY make a comic with that as the running theme, sexually violating all sorts of family-friendly comic characters. Maybe some of the artists would let you. You’d be the Weird Al of comics … Weird Dave! That’s not a stretch! 😀 Hey, no one probably thought Weird Al would get away with it. There are plenty of guys that would buy that, I’m sure.

    I vote that the penis would sink. Not enough fat or bacteria in it to float. I’m ashamed I actually research it a little to come to this conclusion. =/

    Now I find myself really wanting to watch Birdemic. Thanks assholes. 😀 I actually started to watch Humans vs Zombies, but after about 10 minutes, I just couldn’t do it. I need to sit down with a giant margarita and try it again. I think that just might be a good movie for you to review. It sure seemed ridiculous enough! Check it out:

    Bathtub Girl

    • Hey Regina, always a pleasure!

      I’ll watch that crap if the guys will.


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