BOU 18 – Catching up on the Walking Dead

BOU 18 – Catching up on the Walking Dead

Hey Undead Heads, Dave here with another missive from the void.

The biggest train wreck in podcasting gathers speed as another episode of Better Off Undead plunges ahead into a ravine.

If you’re a fan of off-topic, this show has it all!

From tech problems (again), to talk of penises in fish tanks, to vampires feasting off menstruating women, to Johnny’s confusion over the black characters on The Walking Dead, this is either the best or worst episode yet!

We also talked about The Walking Dead’s most recent two episodes (the two before the midseason finale).


Rick’s lunacy with the phone calls.

The almost-rape of Maggie, which goes with my theory that the post-apocalypse will be full of roving rape gangs, while Sean and Johnny thought that everything would be all hunky dorey and people would pull together and help one another for, oh, I don’t know, the FIRST TIME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!

Why did Michonne keep her mouth shut when she went to the prison? She could easily have explained that she was bringing food for the baby and their friends had been taken rather than having everyone think she was some evil character?

Johnny thinks the “new T-Dog” looks like the old T-Dog, so in the spirit of the show, I quickly labeled him a horrible racist.

So, listener, do you agree with Johnny? Do T-Dog and Oscar look the same? Or is Johnny a racist?



This led to a bit of discussion of critics who claim that The Walking Dead has a quota of black men.

We also speculated what might happen in the season finale. Then we ended the show wondering whether we should allow this episode to ever air or delete it from the archives forever. If you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can watch the video here:

Stay tuned next week when we talk about the season finale, what we got right, what we got right, and ask the question on everyone’s mind, Did TWD just kill the new T-Dog?! And whether or not Whitney Moore will be on the show?



  1. 17 minutes 20 seconds in: I have to pause the show for the fifth time because I’m laughing so hard I’m about fall out of my chair.

    This show rocks. Thursday is my favorite day now. I love how you don’t just go off topic; you challenge the very concept of a topic. You shed the cultural norms of the podcast community in favor of the liberating glory of off-topicness and uncontrolled laughter.

    If the menstrual blood is exceptionally dark (dark brown, red, or even black), that means the blood is old and has been hanging out in the uterus longer, breaking down. Women that bleed more will probably have darker blood. I’d guess that such blood would be less nutritious for a vampire.

    But I’m not a doctor, vampire, or woman, so what do I know?

    • Ah, and I don’t think the two black guys look all that much alike, although they do share some similar facial features.

      Breaking Bad has been on my nerves for a while, since EVERY major male character is bald or shaved. Walter, Jesse, Hank, Mike… even Gus had very little hair. What’s up with that?

    • Thank you for the answer. And the imagery. Now I’ll have to spend more time on gothsuptrees to cleanse my mind.

  2. LOL, thanks Jacob. I never listen to these back, but I actually watched this one on YouTube with my wife and we were laughing so hard there were almost tears. Good shit. 🙂

  3. Looooooooved this show and last week’s show! You guys make my day! 🙂

    I give Johnny credit…they do kinda look similar…I wouldn’t say the saaaame per se, but there is a similarity lol. Tho, running on the idea that he thinks they all look the same…Morgan v. T-Dog v. Oscar v. (SPOILER!) Tyrese? Haha

    On the “superhero” thing…Dave in tights…yay or nay?

    I wonder if you got all your listeners to send emails or requests to her agent about getting her on the show, then she’d HAVE to be on it!

    For the record, I’m always sad when there’s no show or a late show…I mighta yelled at the computer for a good bit last week as I waited for forever (by forever being Friday) when the show was late…debated hate mail…never allowed to happen again!!!

    Okay, no more random from me. Back to the padded room.

    BTW…I’m still waiting for that ringtone…

    • Thanks Niki, hope you still feel that way after this week’s abomination.

    • Dave don’t do tights. Nobody wants to see that.

  4. Because of this episode I’m no longer listening…just as Johnny said.

    Awesome show, funny as hell. Johnny and Sean have to give up their Obama cards now. They’re outta the club. Can’t wait to hear you guys talk about the departure of Oscar and the entrance of Tyrese.

    Oh, and I still aint listening…

    • Johnny didn’t even realize Tyrese was a new character.

      • LOL. Johnny was watching and said, “Hey, T-Dog came back to life!”

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