BOU 19 – Walking Dead Wrap-Up and Dave’s Walking Dead Video Game Review

BOU 19 – Walking Dead Wrap-Up and Dave’s Walking Dead Video Game Review

Hey there Undead Heads,

Dave here with this week’s podcast. We spent most of the show talking about the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.

What did we think? Find out which one of didn’t like the finale, and why.

The safest dragon porn pic we could find on teh interwebs.

Sean talked about his latest fetish, dragon porn.

Go ahead, do a Google Image search. Maybe include the word “car” with your search.

Ah, there you go.

You’re welcome, former listeners.

I reviewed Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead episodic video game.

My son (who was home sick) made a guest appearance which disproved the theories that I live in a crypt, and also helped the show jump the shark with the introduction of a child.

Still no word on Birdemic star Whitney Moore, so it’s looking like she might not be on our show. Though, today’s episode with dragon porn could change her mind?


See you next week!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #19 – Walking Dead Wrap-Up and Dave’s Walking Dead Video Game Review


  1. Well, this episode was hilarious. I found what I believe to be the picture you were looking for Sean. I have emailed it to Johnny as I couldn’t find an email for you.

    I have noted this makes me broken. I hope you enjoy, keep up the disturbing podcast work guys.

    Carl Sinclair

  2. I will be checking my email every hour on the hour.

    • Sent to your list email…

  3. Wait, HOW do you not understand hentai? Impossibly proportioned, artistically drawn girls in schoolgirl outfits performing sexual acts with superhuman flexibility? What’s NOT awesome about this? Sure, the tentacle stuff gets weird, but only for the first five minutes. Defend yourselves!

    • So, you’re saying the tentacle rape grows on you, then?

      • Whoah whoah whoah, RAPE?! No one said anything about RAPE, Dave. I am referring to deep, meaningful, romantic and consensual lovemaking between a Japanese schoolgirl and a creature with tentacles.

        • Yes, you can tell its consensual by the bulging eyes of fear on their faces.

          • I hope so, because that’s what I always tell the police.

          • WELL that escalated quickly….

          • And this is why we can’t have nice things. 🙂

  4. Oh, and stop calling us degenerates.

    • Hahaha! Vindicated. Thank you friend.


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