BOU 21 – The Unicorn Western Show

BOU 21 – The Unicorn Western Show

Unicorn Western coverHey Undead Heads, this week we mailed the show in, spending the entire show talking about Johnny and Sean’s new series, Unicorn Western the first book which is free today only (December 27) so go check it out.

Find out the origin story of this insane idea for a book in this week’s episode.

Can a book that started out as a joke, with me at it’s butt, actually be good? 

So if you hate self-promotion, avoid this episode of BOU like a Birdemic outbreak!

Mercifully, the show is short, as we were in holiday mode. Unfortunately, thanks to some internet issues on Johnny’s end, there’s no video this week. Apologies to those who actually want to see us make asses of ourselves.

Tune in next week when we’ll get back to our off-topic nonsense.


  1. That’s it. I’ve finished all the backlogged episodes of SPP and BOU. What the hell am I going to listen to in my car for the next two weeks? This is terrible. Dave, I finally understand what your world is like – bleak, depressing and devoid of meaning.

    Oh, and this episode was terrible, by the way.

    (Kidding! Hugs!)

  2. My world? You mean reality? While I’d love to live in some permanent altered state of drug-induced euphoria like so many sheep, it’s my responsibility as an artist to see the world as it is and hold a mirror to it. I am goth, hear me moan.

    • Life is pain. Life is only pain.


      • LOL.


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