BOU 22 – Happy Endings vs. Downer Endings

BOU 22 – Happy Endings vs. Downer Endings

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In this episode… the guys open by apologizing for Episode 21, where they talked Unicorn Western for waaaaay tooooo long. They then read reviews of the show and marvel that they have any listeners. They take a phone call from author Garrett Robinson who angrily chides the guys on not mentioning Zombieland or Underworld when talking movies.

They eventually get on topic and discuss happy endings versus downer endings.

No, not THAT kind of happy endings, this is a family show…

Or at least a Mason Family show.

See you next week with another bad show!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #22 – Happy Endings vs. Downer Endings


  1. This show made me laugh my ass off. Thanks for listening to my questions – I didn’t realize how angry I was when I recorded them. Not that you didn’t deserve it.

    I love how you proceeded to say that Underworld wasn’t REALLY horror, without addressing the fact that you talked about Twilight for about ten solid minutes in the episode I was complaining about.


    Thanks, guys! Entertaining as always.

    P.S. I’m down to be on your show whenever you want. You can bill me as “the budding author of a new zombie book that Sean still hasn’t read.”

    • I’ll read it soon, promise. Just so. much. shit. on. my. plate.

        • I agree, those movies were horrific.

  2. Great show again guys.

    I think Battlestar Galactica had a good ending. I know some people hated it, but I thought it was pretty great. I am not sure how else they could have ended it.

    24 had a decent ending. Problem is a lot of shows just get cancelled, or ended early. I can’t think of any other top shows that have ended recently.

    The Princess Bride has a good ending, that isn’t contrived. The movie, the book is odd.

  3. Also, Batman keeps kryptonite in his utility belt just in case Superman ever goes rogue. My money is on Batman, he has counter measures in place to take down all the Justice League.

  4. Great show! I had to supress my laughter several times in the office. It totally made the time go by while I was doing analysis work.

    As for downer endings, Cormac McCarthy rules the roost. In ‘No Country for Old Men’, the hero dies – the same as in ‘The Road’.

  5. I started listening to “Better Off Undead” after it was first mentioned on the “Self Publishing Podcast”. I can’t get enough of the “Self Publishing Podcast” so when this newer project was announced I had to weigh my distaste for horror fiction against my love for SPP. SPP is a must listen for writers. It is a hilarious train wreck punctuated by excellent advice, one will get nowhere else. After I took my ten year old son to his first NASCAR race, I asked him what he thought. He said he enjoyed the race but would like see one that was all wrecks. Well this podcast is the all wrecks NASCAR race of podcasting. I love it, and am thankful I gave it a chance. The hosts can not stay on topic long enough to make this qualify as a horror podcast so my feelings toward horror fiction are irrelevant.

    This episode was back to the quality standards that I expect. Keep up the great work. I would love to review you on itunes just a soon as I find a way to do so without supplying Apple with a credit card number. 🙂

    • I LOL’d several times reading this. We have to read it on the show… someone remind me.

      • Johnny: don’t forget to read this on the show.

      • My son and I are disappointed you did not read my comments on the show. I have revised them slightly and submitted them as a review on iTunes. I gave the show the stars it deserves, and look forward to the next episode and the next installment of Garrett’s call-in questions.

        • OH SHIT! I even tagged it in my email so I’d read it, but I forgot. I’ll read it next time.


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