BOU 25 – Would You Rather, Horror Edition

This week on BOU, a Whitney Moore update… she IS going to be here. Next week. (Editor’s note: We did the interview on Jan. 3o, and it will be up on our site on Feb.7th.)

This week we talk Birdemic, and play hypotheticals. And talk about a bunch of other junk until the hour runs out.

In other words, lots of randomness, as usual.

To view the video version of this episode, go to:  Better Off Undead #25 – Would You Rather, Horror Edition

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  1. Technically, in Saw, the guy who the key was in was only sedated…he started to wake up as she decided to cut him open to get the key out…

    Regardless, loved the show as always!!! Can’t wait for Whitney Moore next week!


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