BOU 26 – Hanging With Birdemic Star Whitney Moore

BOU 26 – Hanging With Birdemic Star Whitney Moore

The AWESOME Whitney Moore. (Photo from Whitney Moore’s Twitter.)

She’s here! 

She’s here!

After months of playing email tag with her agent, and a last minute schedule conflict last week, Birdemic star Whitney Moore is finally on the show!

Yes, we’re shocked, too!

So tune in (or watch the video below) and see hear what Whitney had to say about working on the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE, and it’s sequel!

Towards the end of the show, in true Birdemic fashion, Whitney had some computer issues, but we got to talk to her for quite a while and hear some hilarious stories.

We also asked her if Birdemic 2 could host a premiere in Cincinnati Ohio, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a special On the Road Edition of BOU!

Check out the video here:




  1. This was a great episode.

    (Even if the last part wa issing part of wha she ::buffering:: was saying.)

  2. Oh my gosh guys, tell me you have heard about the Montana zombie apocalypse!! Best story ever. I insist you see it out! Hope all is well 😉

    • Seek, not see. Where is autocorrect when you need it?

    • OH. WOW.

      Thank you for that.

      Dave and Johnny, it’s long at 16 minutes, but I just watched it, and I watch that’s more than like two minutes. So worth it. I laughed through the entire thing.

  3. This show was amazing. I think it was even better how the feed kept screwing up, it just made talking about Birdemic even better.

    Whitney seems legit awesome and lovely, it’s so cool she can rip the shit out of that movie. All the waiting for this was worth it.

    Bring her back!


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