BOU 029 – Horror Movies that Somebody Should Remake and Make Awesome

The Fountain — Best. Movie. Ever.

Sean and Johnny kicked off the episode making fun of Dave with some Dave soundbites. Then we talked about how The Storytelling Podcast totally stole our format and didn’t credit us … who stole from Cliff Ravenscraft and Howard Stern.

Johnny and Dave then theorized where and how things went wrong with Dave.

We played a voice mail, because let’s face it, we’ll play anything.

Oddly, the call was from a woman with 14 cats who is married to a man who … well, just listen to the phone call and find out her horror.

We talked movies, including why Dave hated There Will Be Blood, Johnny hated A Nightmare Before Christmas, and how we all hated Willy Wonka.

Dave then talked about how beautiful and moving The Fountain was, and how the movie was ruined for him in the theater.

Dave and Johnny talked about the awesome David Levithan novel, Every Day (no spoilers.)

Watch the video here:





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  1. That ‘other’ podcast corrected their error, in episode two of ‘that show’.

    On your show. I really really really disliked Nightmare before Christmas as well. I have hardly found anyone that does. I have actually been unable to watch the entire thing after several attempts. I don’t really like Burton because in my mind he totally destroyed Batman with his ‘vision’ but he has done some decent stuff. Dark Shadows was kinda funny.

    I just hate when he goes overboard, like the Willy Wonka flick which I think was awful.

    The new Oz does look cool. I read an article that there is all sorts of issues about what you can and can’t put in due to the film rights vs the book rights, which is why they went with this prequel story. Something like that. The book rights are free nor or something but whoever owns The Wizard of Oz owns certain things like the ruby slippers or something. Anyway, ramble over it looks like it will be a good film. Mila Kunis plays one of the Wicked Witches before she goes wicked or something.


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