BOU 003 – Walking Dead Recap and the Scariest Shit We’ve Ever Seen

BOU 003 – Walking Dead Recap and the Scariest Shit We’ve Ever Seen

The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT — if you’ve not already seen The Walking Dead Season 2, skip this episode until after you’ve watched it! 

We’re back with Episode 3 of Better Off Undead, where we’re talking about the scariest shit we’ve ever seen. Of course, we don’t get to that until about halfway into the show.

Well, unless you count our discussion of Honey Boo Boo Child.

We spent the first chunk of the show talking about The Walking Dead “Barn Episode” or as its spoiler-filled title is correctly named, Pretty Much Dead Already in Season 2. If you’ve not seen it yet, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!


Johnny was trying to figure out how we can talk about stuff on the show without spoiling stuff, and going through this super complicated process of talking around stuff, when I (Dave) said screw it, and let the spoil fly, and proceeded to spoil one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead Ever!

For that magical moment, followed by Sean spoiling The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, and The Matrix, skip right to the 6 minute mark or so. Also, the look on Sean’s face when I spoil the barn episode is priceless!

We also talked about Shane versus Rick, who we’d want to lead us during the zombie apocalypse, and Sean (who hasn’t yet seen the end of the season) weighs in on who HE THINKS might bite the bullet before the end of Season 2.

Neither Johnny or I (who have seen all of Season 2) spoiled the end of the season, by the the way. Though you can do so in the comments, if you wanna be a cruel bastard.

24:00 Minute mark:

We FINALLY got around to bringing up the topic at hand. Sean claimed to never get scared, except when he read Stephen King’s It (what a baby!)

We then talked about what scares us, whether “real” events are scarier than monsters. We also discussed The Blair Witch Project and how it sucked (though we didn’t all agree), but Pararnormal Activity (and its sequels) worked in spades.

Johnny then talked about how he can’t watch scary movies alone without his wife and kids in the house. (What a sissy!)

Around the 38 minute mark, we all got confused trying to remember the name of a bad horror movie starring Anna Paquin, Darkness.

I was talking about a movie called The Strangers, which I hated because it was so damned depressing at the end. We then talked about depressing endings, and slasher movies as torture porn and why they don’t work for us. Johnny talked about hating Pet Sematary and Shutter Island, for unnecessary and gratuitous violence against children. I argued how the scene in Shutter Island worked well in the book and was necessary to drive the mystery.

45 Minute mark:

We talked about monster movies, and whether they work or not, which led to our final discussion about fear versus suspense. We also discussed our scariest or creepiest real-life moments. We wrapped stuff up by finally distilling the difference between fear and suspense.

Recommended movies in this episode:

The Eye (the original, not the remake), the Paranormal Activity series of movies, High Tension (Haute Tension), The Shining, and The Descent (though not mentioned, it’s excellent).

Other movies mentioned in this episode:

The Shining, The Others, Birdemic (which we covered in our first show). Darkness, The Strangers, Shutter Island, Pet Sematary.

Videos mentioned in this episode: Honey Boo Boo Child (Scarier than Birdemic!)

Links mentioned in this episode: and

What movies scared you the most? And tell us WHY the movie scared you. Leave a comment below or call us at 641-715-3900 ext. 406770 and leave a message and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming episode!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #3 – Walking Dead Recap and the Scariest Shit We’ve Ever Seen


  1. Yes. Loved this episode guys. Bravo. Bravo.

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      • What’s wrong with you, Sean? Fuck this guy — he can’t even get his objects to agree in number with his pronouns!

        • He is worn by a football player. What can you expect?


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