BOU 030 – When iTunes Attacks

BOU 030 – When iTunes Attacks

Watching TV with DaveWe opened up with some minor NON-SPOILER talk about The Walking Dead from a week ago (now two weeks ago), which Sean has yet to see.

Johnny then began a discussion of how he doesn’t watch many TV shows because his wife doesn’t like the same shows he does. This caused Dave to ask, “What? You can’t watch TV alone?”

Thus began the topic…


Johnny and Sean busted Dave’s balls for being an antisocial horrible husband who prefers to watch TV (and movies) alone. Dave tried to defend himself, but only dug the hole deeper.

Dave got booted from Google Hangouts because of a shitty internet connection and was gone for five minutes or so while Sean and Johnny talked about healthy eating and how Sean does a No-Sugar diet every February.

Finally, around the 27 minute mark, the guys got to the topic of the show — mundane horrors.

Dave’s idea was,

“What if iTunes took control of your playlist?”

And Sean and Dave busted his balls — again.

Johnny talked about his absurd fear, what if you couldn’t control the weird impulses you have?

Which elicited a confession from Dave regarding his OCD and a dangerous compulsion he gave into as a child.

The guys then got onto the topic of germs, and cashiers licking their fingers, which Dave blogged about at his website.

Then they talked about various food horror stories they’ve heard, including disgusting things allowed in food.

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  1. I am totally with you Dave on the watching things alone.

    I have to go way further than just watching it alone, I have to do it secretly. Sadly, my wife loves all the same shows and movies that I do.

    That means I have to secretly watch the episode on my own first, then often that same day, sometimes just minutes later have to watch it again with her. I then have to pretend to be shocked when something happens or dies. She gets really upset if I wont watch it with her so I have to keep the secret going.

    Two examples of how far I will go to avoid watching with her so she doesn’t talk and ask annoying questions on my first watch:

    1. Skyfall. When that came out last year she rang me at work to say she had tickets for us that night. In a panic I left work sick, rushed to the local cinema and watched the midday showing so she wouldn’t ruin it for me that night.

    2. House of Cards. That show with Kevin Spacey that Netflix put out? Well I watched all 13 episodes in a day. She comes home and notices I have downloaded them, and we have to watch the first 6 that night.

    So yeah, i have problems but I wont watch tv with people because they are annoying.


    Best. Comment. Ever.

    Wow, that’s a whole new level — leaving work to see a movie before your wife! Wow. I don’t think I’d do that.

    And to be fair, my wife is actually decent about watching TV if she knows I’m watching something. For the most part, it’s just a matter of the shows I watch, either she doesn’t care for, or they’re not family friendly enough for our 5 year old.

    And yeah, my 5 year old is IMPOSSIBLE to watch TV with. Fortunately, I don’t care too much about the plot development on Cars by the eight millionth time we’ve watched it.

    • My 5 year old is obsessed with The Simpsons, which used to be fine as it was pretty tame, but these days… well. She asks some awkward questions and won’t stop walking around saying “Stupid Flanders”.

      She gets scared easily as well, so the wife wont let me watch The Walking Dead with her.

      • Also, I can recite pretty much all of the Pixar films word for word now. Don’t even get me started on Barbie. Think yourself lucky you have a boy.

  3. So, can we do a “WTF is Wrong with Carl” episode next?

    • It may have to be a double episode.

  4. I started listening to your podcast late, so I’m still catching up.

    Dave, you made me laugh so hard talking about how you want to be alone to watch TV and movies. Your mom story mirrors part of my history 🙂

    Personally, I LOVE horror, sci-fi, fantasy and suspense. I was reading about vampires and werewolves 20 years ago (back when people would look at you weird). My husband thinks he hit a gold mine with me (and yes, he really did). I have to admit, it does take us a little longer to watch a show together, but it’s both of us making comments that slow it down. Occasionally, one of us will forget something in a previous episode and the other will remember, stuff like that.

    On a more general note, I love your podcast – I was pointed in this direction from a note at the end of Yesterday’s Gone Season 3. Since listening to you, I have now started reading Johnny’s books (Bk 4 of Fat Vampire).

    Gotta say, thanks so much for Boricio – he’s my favorite character that I’ve read in the past 5 years. My husband was so glad when I finished reading season 3, I was continually saying “oh wait, you have to hear what he said now”.

    Thanks for the chills and laughs, I’ll keep reading and listening.

    • Thanks Dawn! I would write a new Boricio story every week if I could, lol.

    • … and glad you’re liking FV! I wish I had more hours in the week to keep up with all of my writing projects!


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