BOU 031 – The One Where We Fail to Call Sean’s Mom On-Air

BOU 031 – The One Where We Fail to Call Sean’s Mom On-Air

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This week the guys failed to recap The Walking Dead (again, because Sean hasn’t caught up yet). They opened with talk about last week’s Better Off Undead episode, and finding out that Johnny is “short” while Sean and Dave are freakish giants.

The guys then talked about being nerds in high school, and how Sean’s mom dressed him in a Nintendosaurus sweater.

The guys then played some rare voicemail, including mention of a new Birdemic app/game, talk of classic black and white horror movies, and what weapons would the guys choose in a zombie apocalypse.

Dave railed on the bastards at The Story Telling Podcast.

The highlight of this episode, however, came when the guys called Sean’s mom. 


If you’d like to watch the video, click here:

Tune in next week, when we actually get to The Walking Dead recap!



  1. Sean, the movie you were talking about with “Wolfman has nards!” was Monster Squad, one of my most FAVORITE movies EVER. Dave, you have to watch it at least once – if you can sit through Birdemic, Monster Squad will be a cinch lol. I watch it every Halloween season. Another one I love is Saturday the 14th, y’all need to watch that! 🙂

  2. Monster Squad rules!!

  3. Wow this was both the worst and best episode of BoE ever.

    I definitely think Sean’s mom needs to be on next week. Either that or you could do a mothers day special episode and have all your moms on.

    Question: Have any of you seen Chopper Chicks in Zombietown? It isn’t Birdemic quality but it is up there. They play the most awesome music when the zombies are coming at them….very very slowly.

    • I’ve not seen it, but it does sound awesome.

      I think we’ll try and get my mom on this Friday. Should be a gas, lol.

  4. Monster Squad was one of my favorite favorite favorite movies growing up. It made me want to start up my own “branch” of the Monster Squad (thoroughly cementing my reputation as the nerdiest [before it was cool] girl in middle school).

    With Sean’s busy bathing schedule, I know it can be hard to fit in movie time, let alone keeping current with shows like TWD, but you guys really should watch the old classics. They are amazing.

    • Giant LOL on my busy bathing schedule.

  5. Finally I understand why you guys, in what at least started out as a horror movie themed podcast, never mention the early “classic” horror or monster movies: you haven’t seen them! There were zombies before The Walking Dead came along, you know, including White Zombie (1932) with Bela Lugosi and, from an era before zombies “shambled,” I Walked With a Zombie (1943).

    There are a few films you guys really should see, if for no other reason than so you can pick up on the references (or Easter eggs) that appear in current films. The films worth seeing to provide background and context for modern movies include Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Dracula (1931), and the admittedly lame The Wolfman (1941). Personally, I like Son of Frankenstein (1939) for the cinematography and for Basil Rathbone’s (you guys could have some fun with that name) performance as a man descending into obsession and madness. This film heavily influenced Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

    Of course, I see in your latest post (I’m still working my way through the podcasts from the beginning, and I’m not quite caught up yet) that you’re considering wrapping up the show, so at this point refreshing yourselves on the “classics” might be superfluous.


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