BOU 032 – We Finally Catch Up With The Walking Dead

BOU 032 – We Finally Catch Up With The Walking Dead

This week, the guys finally caught up with The Walking Dead recaps! They talked about the past four episodes, which included…

The Best Sit-Down Scene Since Heat

Dave, who was super punchy this episode, read a book review “quote” from another writer that Dave made up (but it was so horribly offensive that Johnny edited it from the show just in case someone actually attributed it to the writer or took it the wrong way).

Then, somehow, discussion turned to “2 Girls 1 Cup.” You do NOT want to Google that term.

The guys then talked about the coming season finale and made guesses who would be killed off in the finale, which is reportedly going to off a ton of people.

Who do you think will die in the season finale of The Walking Dead? Leave your guesses below. No spoilers if you’ve read the comics!


  1. Soooo…
    1) I now have the unnecessary urge to create an image of a care bear with a swastika on it’s stomach and a Hitler mustache…does this mean I’m as twisted as y’all?
    2) Even if the part where Andrea reaches the prison and gets thwarted by the governor was predictable, it didn’t keep me from yelling at the tv and being very very sad…I’m thinking that was part of the build up of Rick seeing dead Lori all the time too, so that when he thought he saw something, he wrote it off as another apparition.
    3) Did you hear the song at the end of that episode? It’s awesome, and the whole reason I bought TWD soundtrack. I just had to put that in there.
    4) If all the people who you listed die on Sunday, I’m going to be pissed as hell and blame y’all…
    The end. lol

  2. 1) Hitler Bears are waaay more twisted than perverted Peanuts drawings!
    2) Yeah, the scene worked, despite its predictability.
    3) Yes, great song. The one issue I have with the “soundtrack” is that they included the Unkle remix of the title theme rather than the awesome original theme. The remix should’ve been a bonus, not replacement for the original theme. I’m hoping for a proper score soundtrack eventually.
    4) Sunday should be fun! And by fun, I mean tragic. I hope Daryl gets a shot at revenge. And they better not kill him off!

    My predictions for the death pool on Sunday:
    Herschel’s youngest daughter
    Rick’s baby
    The Governor
    Tyrese’s sister

    And a bunch of people from The Governor’s side. I’m hoping Milton survives.

  3. …I’m not sure if I completely agree that Hitler bears are worse than the description of what you drew of the Peanuts lol. I think that’s a hard sell…

    I was mad about that too! The original theme music is SO much better than that remix. But I was too lazy to be selective, and just hit purchase album on iTunes.

    If Daryl isn’t the one to kill the Governor or Martinez, I’m gonna be PISSED. He’s earned it moreso than I think Rick has at this point.

    Death pool predictions (even though it saddens me to think such awful things):
    Glenn (no one is allowed to be happy in the zombie apocalypse…)
    The Governor
    A crap ton of Woodbury folks

    I kind of want Milton to survive, but I don’t know if I trust his character enough to hope for that over someone else’s death. I’d totally sacrifice Milton for Glenn lol

    • Death predictions for Walking Dead:
      Herchelle’s pointless youngest daughter (the blonde one)
      The Govenor (likely by the hands of Daryl after the set up)
      A heap of Governors folk
      Maybe Herchelle (once they are on the move having him on one leg is gonna be a pain)
      Maggie or Glenn (they are way too happy for this world. One of em needs to die)

      I suspect due to the character building Milton will end up joining up with Rick.

      Tyrese (and if his sister lives) will likely rejoin Rick’s group.

      Andrea could go either way. I suspect Machone may try save her but she dies in her arms or something like that.

      • Also, thanks so much for reminding me of 2 girls 1 cup. It took many years, and several thousand years of therapy to wipe it from my memory.

  4. At some point in the comics, *spoiler* Glenn gets killed, and Maggie and Sophia (she didn’t die in the comics, and Glenn and Maggie adopted her after Carol got killed) are left to deal with the loss of their husband/father. They may do the same thing in the show, but they lost so many readers after they killed him, I doubt they’d do that in the show. Plus they claim they killed Glenn off because the actor in the show was doing such a great job, he overshadowed his comic book counterpart (lame excuse, I know).

    If they’re following the same basic outline of the comic book that they are in the show, they probably aren’t going to kill Andrea off. She plays a pretty major role later on in the books, and her and Rick even become an “item”.

    The end of the prison story arc is infamous in the comic book. Issue #48. That’s when they killed almost everybody, including Lori and the baby. So if it’s anything like the books, it’s going to be a heart breaking episode.

    Also, I really hope the Governor doesn’t chop Rick’s arm off like he did in the book. That would get really annoying.

    Can’t wait for the finale!

    • Whoops.

      Just saw at the end of the show notes not to say anything that happens in the comics, and I can’t delete my comment.

      Well, nothing I said about people who die happens at the prison, except those who are already dead.

  5. It’s so cool to listen to this after watching the season finale. The show took a really different turn at the end, and just about nobody you mentioned died.

    I can’t wait until ya’ll recap for the season. I’d love to hear what ya’ll think about the ending. I haven’t checked because I don’t have time, but I imagine a lot of people hated it.

    • Yeah, I’m excited to talk about this tomorrow!


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