BOU 033 – Birdemic 2 and Whether Johnny Should Read Imajica

BOU 033 – Birdemic 2 and Whether Johnny Should Read Imajica

We opened the show talking about Dave’s favorite book of all time, Clive Barker’s epic, Imajica, which both Johnny and Sean have found too intimidating in its size to read.

Dave talked about how the ending (no spoilers) of Inception depressed him while Sean and Johnny interpreted it as a happy ending.

Sean spoiled the ending of The Sixth Sense (just in case you haven’t seen it yet).

We talked about movie nights and whether our spouses watch the same movies, Netflix queues, It’s Always Sunny, and whether M. Night will have a comeback.


Following our interview with Whitney Moore, we’re now in talks with Alan Bagh of Birdemic fame, to appear on the show.

Will he appear on the show?

I mean, we are the Birdemic of podcasts, after all!

Who wouldn’t want to be on this show?

Alan seems interested, now, but then again, he hasn’t heard the show, so he may very well change his mind. (Hell, we’re still shocked that both Whitney and Hugh Howey have been on the show, so you never know.)

Whatever happens, we’ll keep you updated.

Johnny played the Birdemic 2 trailer.



Garrett Robinson from The Storytelling Podcast called in with two questions:

Which of our own characters (from our books) would we be?


Which horror movie monster would we be?

You can catch the video for this episode at YouTube.

GUEST SPOT ALERT: Dave was a guest over at The Storytelling Podcast last week. Check it out here.

OK, readers, your turn…

Which horror movie monster would YOU choose to be, and why? Leave a comment below.




  1. Frankenstein’s monster. The dude is super smart, ultra tough and chicks dig scars.

  2. The Blob. Self explanatory.

    • Now that I’m out of that momentary funk – I would be Sil from Species. She’s a gorgeous bad ass.

  3. A Time Lord. Duh, He counts, right? He IS an alien….

  4. You guys crack me up. You talked about M. Night’s movies saying I don’t like anything he made other than The Sixth Sense, oh wait, except Signs, oh wait, and Unbreakable. LOL


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