BOU 035 – Talking About Birds with Birdemic Star Alan Bagh

BOU 035 – Talking About Birds with Birdemic Star Alan Bagh

Birdemic 2 Poster -- Best Movie Ever?The interview we thought might NEVER happen!

First we had Whitney Moore, and now “Birdemic 2 The Resurrection” star, Alan Bagh called in for an interview with Better Off Undead!

We talked with Alan about what it was like to film the first Birdemic movie and what it was like to work with an actual crew this time.

We asked him if he really walks the way he did in the first Birdemic, and he actually gave a good answer for why he walked so damned slow and odd!

We asked what it was like to sit in the premiere when the first movie got the reaction it did.

We asked if James Nguyen is secretly some incredible genius who is punking us all?

And a bunch of other questions that you’ll only hear on Better Off Undead!

So strap in, grab your coat hangers, and get ready for a jam-packed hour with Alan Bagh! 

Want to watch Birdemic 2 right freaking now? 

Alan says go to where you can download it right now. Yes, today! Do it! You KNOW we will be watching it!

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Sorry, there’s no YouTube video for this show, due to technical issues.

Special thanks to Garret Robinson and Z.C. Bolger for helping to make these Birdemic interviews happen. And to the gang at Birdemic’s Twitter page for helping out.



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