BOU 036 – The Monster Holocaust Survival Kit

BOU 036 – The Monster Holocaust Survival Kit

The key ingredient in any zombie kit: a machete!

This week we opened by talking about last week’s show with Birdemic’s Alan Bagh.

By listener request from Garrett Robinson, we talked (briefly) about the new Amazon series, Zombieland. Then we talked about The Storytelling Podcast and the podcast Dave is doing with Garrett, A Game of Geeks, where Dave’s creative impulses aren’t squashed by Johnny and Sean.

We talked about why some people hate on the HBO show, Girls.

We then finally got to the topic of the week:

What’s In Your Monster Holocaust Survival Kit?

What would we carry in our kits if shit hit the fan and  bodies started rising from their graves?

A listener then called in with a question which offended Dave.

Dave talked about his one experience meeting fans, and how he hates meeting people.

The show then (mercifully) ended.

Tune in next week when we ask:

Should we end this podcast?

To view the video version of this episode, go to:  Better Off Undead #36 – The Monster Holocaust Survival Kit


  1. I love this show. Hearing you guys talk about random things cheers me up during my boring days. But if you don’t lose the hour (half hour), and instead use it for something else even better, I’d be just as happy to listen to that.

    I think interviews with people once every week, or once every other week… people in film, books, or anything else related to the horror/fantasy genre, would be an awesome way to use this, by the way. Your tagline of “three guys, one brain” works perfectly for that. And I think you’d get a lot more viewers.

  2. Thanks, Crissy. It seems like we’ll experiment a bit and stick around. I’m sure we’ll talk about it more in the coming weeks as we figure out where the podcast is going.

  3. I love the banter and general “unplanned-ness” of it all, but its really hard to listen to sometimes when nobody is on the same page. Episodes are starting to sound a lot like this:

    “Alright! Glad everyone is here.”
    “Ok, Lets talk about The Walking Dead!”
    “Nope. Sorry. Cant. Still not current.”
    “The season has been over for the last month!”
    “Still havent seen it.”
    “Dammit, well… have you all seen Birdemic 2? We gushed about it to Alan last week.”
    “Nope. Still in my queue”
    “Same here”
    “Yeah, I havent seen it either. Hmmm… how about a hypothetical?”
    “Do we still do those? I dont think we still do those.”
    “Ok, What story do you like better? The Aliens storyline or Predator?”
    “Ive only seen Predator 2. It was awful”
    “Have you seen Dracula?”
    “Which one?”
    “Any of them?”
    “DAMMIT DAVE! Get out of the tree!”
    “No, I hate you all.”
    “Wolfman has nards!”
    “Unicorn Vampire 17 comes out this week!”
    “Is that a horror book?”
    “Well, a baby dies in the first paragraph.”
    “Ok, thats all the time we have for today. Thank god.”

    I like the interviews you guys have done. I get that it can be hard to get people on the show, but it would be cool if more interviews happened. I would offer up a bakers dozens worth of cupcakes in the name of Chthulu for an interview of Alasdair Stuart from Pseudopod. (If you dont know Pseudopod, it’s an outstanding podcast featuring short horror stories – right up your alley’s, I’d think). Occasional actual movie reviews would be awesome as well. They dont all have to be “Episode 1: Birdemic” type material. I really liked the way you almost touched on Zombie Survival Guide like topics!

    So, what would I keep in my monster survival kit?

    A decent machete is pretty high on the list.
    A crowbar.
    A good flashlight.
    A change of clothes.
    A wool blanket.
    A few days worth of high calorie foods.
    A few bottles of water (and some water purification tablets).
    A small, well thought out, first aid kit.
    A heavy duty backpack to hold it all.

    Ya know, speaking of monster holocausts and doing interviews, you might consider chatting up some of the crew over at ZombieSquad. Their whole deal is emergency/disaster preparedness.

    And yes, you can have “Unicorn Vampire”. 😉

  4. Yeah, don’t cancel the show.

    Just find a more efficient way to use it. I like the idea of more guest interviews, or maybe highlight some more fantasy/sci fi & horror books and movies? Funny reviews perhaps?

    I think the world would be a lesser place without two hours of Johnny, Sean and Dave a week.

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