BOU 038 – The One Where We Brainstorm What the Hell to do With the Show

This week we continued wondering what to do with this show.

We read and discussed listener feedback to last week’s question, should we cancel the show or evolve it?

Dave ranted about the new Zombieland series.

We also talked It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We brainstormed tag lines for the show, but didn’t come up with anything we particularly liked.

See you next week when we talk about … something.


  1. Hi Guys. First of all, I have been running a podcast for almost 2 years now and I haven’t reached the number of downloads you have for BOU yet. So please don’t think you are doing badly. My audience is really small but they are highly-engaged and that’s what you guys all talk about with readers – with podcasts it’s the same.

    I think your idea about what to do with BOU is a great one. To be honest, I’d listen to whatever you put out. Sad huh? Anyway by the end of this episode I was really excited about what you are planning – go for it!

    I’ll be listening. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, forgot to say, I think the sitcom idea is brilliant and I will certainly be purchasing the sci-fi series. Super excited.

    • Hey, thanks Kevin, we’re SUPER excited about it. We have three sitcoms in production, and are equally excited about all of them.

  3. Okay, I’m totally caught up with all the BOU shows from the beginning. As I listened to the most current show today, I kept mentally composing comments that became longer and more involved the more you guys talked. I had thoughts to share about your approach to horror movies, horror novels, writing, humor, and the way you respond to your audience; Instead of all that typing, however, I’m gonna keep it short and specific… for a change.

    The show is starting to sound like you’re podcasting for an audience of one: Garrett. How many times do you refer to Garrett’s live chat comments during a show? How often do you mention Garrett’s tweets? Was this the episode, or was it the previous one, where you actually extended the show for a few minutes, waiting for Garrett to tweet in response to your comments?

    There was a time when you guys joked about people who watched the show “live” on Google+ or YouTube and who bugged you about the exact time you’d be recording. You used to claim that the show was designed to be a recorded show, and that the “live” version wasn’t a big deal. Now, however, you seem to spend a lot of airtime commenting on the live comments streaming in from, what, like three or four viewers who happen to catch your sessions live? Most of that time you’re talking about Garrett, or typing responses to Garrett, or… c’mon, enough Garrett already! You’re writing with him, you’re podcasting with him, you’re sending your new stuff to him for formatting and editing; why don’t you just add him to the cast of BOU already? It would be more interesting hearing what Garrett has to say than it is listening to you guys chuckle to yourselves over whatever he’s tweeting or typing, or even worse, listening to you sitting in front of your monitors waiting for him to tweet something pithy.

    FWIW (not much), that’s my short-version take on why the BOU numbers have stagnated. You’ve narrowed your niche to a target audience of one.

    As for Garrett: dudes! You need to have him on the other show as a guest, and let him elaborate on his “total turnaround” approach. Isn’t Garret the guy who phoned in a question about screenplay writing five or six months ago, and you suggested that he turn his screenplays into self-pubbed novels to build a name for himself? That first phone call, if I recall correctly, was halting, unsure, and rambling. In response to your advice, though, the guy totally re-invented his game! He’s a writing MACHINE with a crapload of stuff on Amazon already! He’s got multiple podcasts! He offers editing services for both online and print! He’s collaborating with each of you guys in one way or another, and now, instead of asking you for advice, you are sending your stuff to him for formatting and editing. There’s a story — maybe even a story for Better, Faster, Stronger — about a guy who got off his #ss and got to work!

    Unless, of course, I’m thinking of somebody totally different. 😉

    • We probably do overdo that. There was an episode of SPP where I bitched about Dave watching Twitter, but once you start to see it, it’s strangely compelling. This was ALWAYS meant to be a “recorded, non-live” show and still is. It’s also meant to be audio, with YouTube (and hence live) being a mere add-on. But we do get a LOT of YouTube viewers, YouTube email, and YouTube comments, so I roll with it a bit.

      But yeah, we probably should tone down the live tweet stuff a bit. Not all the way, but a bit. 🙂


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