BOU 039 – Our Various Problems with Sci-Fi

BOU 039 – Our Various Problems with Sci-Fi

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So, here’s the new format for Better Off Undead…

We’re going to talk about things we’re writing about in a way that readers will more enjoy, rather than the process itself.

We started off with a voicemail from James the magician offering to come onto our show to talk about the portrayal of “alternative spiritual practices,” which none of us had any thoughts on.

Which, led to a new feature on our show…


Dave was caught off guard, not having a topic to discuss/rant about. But was reminded of this Pat Robertson video, which set him off on a tangent.

This led to Sean asking Dave why the hell he watches The 700 Club if it makes him so angry?


Then we talked about the topic (and well before the halfway point of the show!)

Some of our pet peeves include odd lexicon which makes it hard to get into some stories, how some sci-fi makes everything all pretty and glistening and gadgetfied.

The appeal of sci-fi for us, however, is when authors/directors tackle thought provoking themes.

We also talked about our forthcoming Beam project which we’re going to write with some other authors, and may eventually open it up to anyone who wants to write in the world.

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #39 – Our Various Problems with Sci-Fi


  1. I’m listening to the show right now … LOVE DAVE. I want him to provide feedback on 700 Club and other religious propaganda on a regular basis. Now that I think about it, he should have a show where he does just that. I’d listen.

  2. I love the new direction you are taking the show. SPP after hours, after life or whatever it is, it works!

  3. Love the new version.

    I am only part way through. Just wanted to mention BSG (the new version) that totally got how to do Sci Fi well. It felt realistic. Like these people could be living on ships. There is not all this crazy tech and over the top gadgets. It was just a bunch of marines and pilots on a spaceship aircraft carrier.

    I also loved in BSG how there was no sound in the battle scenes in space. It was just dirty, dark and realistic. That is the Sci Fi I like.

    So if Beam is like that, you have a reader.

    • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the newer BSG. I think I’ve mentioned it a bunch of times on the show, and I totally agree. Not everything will become chrome and flashing lights in the future.

      We haven’t gotten into space on The Beam yet, but I’d say it’s “like that” in that we tried to keep it grounded, not over-the-top gadgety.

      • I agree with you. We haven’t progressed that much since the 70’s really. Things are faster, smaller but I am not teleporting or flying around in my car.

        I totally buy the way you guys have designed The Beam, at least the little info you shared on the show.

        Really looking forward to hearing more about it.

  4. I’m now subscribed to BOU! Yes, please more ramblings of your projects! Love the “What’s Up Dave’s Ass” segment! I’m with Jenn…I’d subscribe to that!

  5. Its amazing how Dave upped the ante from your collectively hilarious last 5 minutes of SPP 56 to the tear-inducing impromptu rant in the first 10 minutes here. I’m so happy I watched it on Youtube so I could see the effect it was having on Johnny as well. Pure gold.

    And while I’ve only very occasionally watched BOU before (your Birdemic star interview most notably), I’m in going forward with the new format. (Which means its double the time left to catch up… grumble grumble. I thought I was almost there).

  6. I cry at the things that are up Dave’s butt.

    • As are we all.


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