BOU 004 – The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion, Finally

BOU 004 – The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion, Finally

(note: if you wanna watch this show on YouTube you can do so at this link:–Hgb0an0 )

So, now that Sean is finally all caught up with The Walking Dead Season 2, we were finally able to discuss it at length, and what we thought of the second season of the best zombie show on TV!

Of course, this being Better Off Undead, it took us a while to get on topic, and the conversation veered in all kinds of crazy directions and ended in a crazy fight over what we’d each do in a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies love blood!

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Some of the highlights:

We opened talking about True Blood, which Johnny has a schoolgirl crush on like it’s the best thing ever, but which Sean and I have yet to catch up on.

We had our FIRST EVER CALL where BOU listener Adam called to tell us what movie scared him the most, A Nightmare on Elm Street, which of course prompted discussion from us. Do you agree with his pick?

Adam also shared something non-movie related which scared him, a website called Ted’s Caving Page an old Angelfire website last updated in 2001 (which in itself is scary).

I mentioned a scary meme turned (free) indie video game called Slender (make sure you turn down your speakers!) which has you walking through the woods without weapons or anything. Videos of people playing and being scared by the game have become something of an internet sensation. Read about it here.

Johnny then went on to talk about “sleepover games” he used to play while I taunted him for being “a girl,” and he taunted me for being friendless, and Sean wished he’d known Johnny when they were kids so they could do sleepovers together and play Nintendo (which I’m pretty sure is a euphemism).

After 24 minutes or so of nonsense, we finally got around to talking about The Walking Dead. Yay for being on topic!

We talked about the most unbelievable moments of the season, how everyone hates Lori, and what we think might happen next season.

We talked a bit about Birdemic and another notorious movie called The Room, which we may or may not add to our review list.

We closed the show with a hypothetical question:

In a zombie apocalypse, would you go it solo or band up with other people?

We were divided on our responses, with Johnny and Sean being optimistic “people people” and thinking banding together was the way to go. Meanwhile, I suggested that people are inherently bad and will be wandering the wastelands in roaming rape and murder gangs, and I’d rather go solo, thank you very much.

Which of course led to a big philosophical argument to end the show.

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Go it alone or look for safety in numbers? Leave your response below.

Also feel free to call into the show with any thoughts, comments, questions, or to tell us what you’d do in a zombie apocalypse.



  1. I’m with you Dave. A core group of friends – people that I already ‘know’. Sure, I’ll choose them over isolation any day. But a group of randoms… eh… Our reasons are slightly different though. You think that all people are bad. I think that all people are idiots. You know the larger the group of people you have around you, the sooner some one thinks it’ll be a ‘great’ idea to keep a zombie as a pet or something else stupid and infect the whole group.

    I hate driving on the road with people. You think it’ll be better during a zombie apocalypse?

  2. What a great photo of Dave we found to go with this post!


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