BOU 040 – Huge Fictional Worlds With Lots of Writers Doing Shit in Them

BOU 040 – Huge Fictional Worlds With Lots of Writers Doing Shit in Them

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The second episode of our new and (improved?) format kicked off with a second installment of America’s Least Favorite Game Show, What’s Up Dave’s Butt?

Though Dave had nothing to talk about today, Sean managed to get a rant about Target and finger lickers out of him.

Which prompted Johnny to wonder if he’s an asshole because Dave seems to know way too many of the workers at Target while he doesn’t remember anybody. Or… does Dave just spend way too much time at Target?


We then talked about Amazon’s new fan fiction enterprise, Kindle Worlds, and what we think of the idea.

We also weighed in on fan fiction in general, and whether or not we’d ever write fan fiction.

We talked a bit about Sean and Johnny’s sci-fi shared world project, The Beam, which we’re opening up to a select group of writers. If it goes well, and people want to, we may open it up further, like Hugh Howey has done with his Wool universe.

We then got into a philosophical discussion about death to end the show on a goths in trees note.


Are you a fan of fan-fiction? If you’re a writer, what movie/book/TV show/ etc… would YOU want to write fan-fiction for?

Also, feel free to weigh in any of the other stuff we discussed this week.

See you next week with more Better Off Undead.

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #40 – Huge Fictional Worlds With Lots of Writers Doing Shit In Them


  1. Hugh Howie is kind of awesome when it comes to fan-fic. He actually advertises it on his website so that you can go buy fan-fic from his fans.

    I guess I am looking at this the same way I look at TV… Star Wars has some amazing fanfic out there. “Star Wars: Revelations” is 45min long, took a couple years, and hundreds of people to make, and is very well done. It isn’t cannon, but it fits into the world rather well. It only has one character from cannon, Darth Vader, that appears for a brief moment. Everyone else is character of the writers creation.

    Why did he make it? Because he loved Star Wars and wanted to be part of the ledgend, even if it was in a small way. It was worth it to him even though he never made a dime off it.

    However, the part that bothers me with the Amazon Worlds is the fact that they could use your story line and never pay you for it. They should at least give them a flat fee or royalty if something they created turned up in a show.

    In the long run it just comes down to how much time and effort someone wants to put in. If they are writing it anyway they can choose to edit it like 50 shades and make their own thing, or they can put it up in Amazon Worlds, earn a little money and maybe a name for themselves. Either way they were probably writing it anyway.

  2. It would be fun to put out some Star Wars stories I guess.

    I would be pretty annoyed if I created a ridiculously popular character and book and then Disney came along and turned it in to a series of movies. Then made millions and millions, while you get nothing. I guess the argument in that case would be the movie would drive book sales, which you would get. Still, seems a rip for the author.

    I can’t help thinking that this is a way for the property owners to get new ideas for free.

    • Exactly!
      I think some people would be willing to let that happen. But I’d prefer Star Wars fan-fic that isn’t monetized. Same popularity. Same ability to get noticed by fans. But if they want to use my characters they have to treat me like every other writer they hire.


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