BOU 045 – What’s The Best Way To Read A Serial?

Dave didn’t want to do a “What’s Up Dave’s Butt?” this week because … he was in a bad mood.

Because, you know, he’s usually witty and charming!

So this week, Dave bitched about what happens whenever he feels like he’s about to get ahead.

Also, Johnny got into the action of negativity, feeling a bit down this week.

We spent most of the rest of the episode trying to figure out if Sean and Dave should release Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four all at once or week-to-week, and the various problems with writing a serial and trying to sell it on Amazon.

Listen to the audio above or watch the video at YouTube:


  1. I read most of the stuff you guys put out. I’m one of the types that (at this point) would wait until the full season is available before buying it. I think that as a fan of the series, though, letting it out through a weekly release and then having the full season at the end is just fine. I don’t mind being patient, but I think from a visibility standpoint you’ll get a lot of traction that way from potentially getting each volume into the top 100 and I like the idea of Collective Inkwell having a weekly release and getting back to what they’re really known for, which is innovation with serialization. It’s not quite the same when the full book is available up front.

    • Yeah, I’m super thrilled we’re running a pure serial for YG4. Really awesome.


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