BOU 051 – Wherein We Interview Ourselves

OK, we’re not really interviewing ourselves. Listener Stephanie emailed us some questions asking if we could answer them on the show.

Not having anything else planned for this episode, we said, sure, what the hell.

So if you’d like to know more about us, how and why we write, and what the hell a “Mexican hot dog” is, listen or watch!

Click below to see the video on YouTube.



  1. About the podcast… Leave it behind, guys. I would pay real, American, green money for CI stuff read by a voice talent. Same with Fat Vampire, Unicorn, and the Beam. I’d buy it off Audible for whatever they want to charge.

    I listen to most of my fiction, due to my limited time. No offense, Sean, but I’d die for a pro reader.

    That’s my two cents… leave iTunes and Podiobooks behind and get on to the real stuff. Split the profits with a pro.

    As always, loved the show.

    Peace out.

    • IMO the missing piece here is publicity. What Podiobooks gives (I’m not sure how much, but it does give it) is exposure. Simply making something available for sale isn’t as powerful in terms of exposure as a free thing that’s distributed for people to consume.

      That said, I DO think we should do the profit-split thing Joanna talked about and get our shit on Audible, etc. For the stuff later in the funnel that is actually for sale (as opposed to lead-gen) anyway.

      • Ah, but you see, there’s a work-around there. If you’ve already recorded a high-quality version yourself for the first book or couple of books, you can have those sold on Audible with their non-exclusive contract. You just strip the intro and outro stuff and get ACX to qualify your recordings.

        Then, you’ll still have the first books on Podio AND Audible. Then, you get a narrator to go “royalty share” under the “exclusive” contract on all the other books of the series.

        That way you have BOTH the visibility of Podio and the royalties of Audible. Plus, you can include in the outro of the last episode of the Podiobooks version that further books are available for Amazon for purchase. I know you’d say soemthing like: “Just go to to see what new books are available.”

        The other option is to skip the first book on audible and start with #2 (or season 2) of whatever series, but I don’t like that because then the funnel for Audible customers is broken.

        If you’re sneaky enough, you could even hint at the beginning of the podiobook that there’s an Audible version available for sale if they want it. Add in some extra features (like bonus scenes, a better soundtrack, or an extra short story loaded on the back) and you may get crossover that way .

        • WOW, this is fantastic information – Sean, did you see this one?

          • Yes I did, and yes it’s awesome. I’m thinking we should just pick one R&S property (probably The Beam) and one CI property (probably YG) and get this going by January at the latest.

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