BOU 056 – The Decoy Wallet

BOU 056 – The Decoy Wallet

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on link to visit photographer’s page.

If you thought Dave was crazy before, you haven’t heard anything yet.

Two words: decoy wallet.

Strap in and listen to a very special Better Off Undead which begins innocently enough with Johnny playing the last episode of BOU for his wife to see what she thought of Dave. And then Johnny tells a story about a man who somehow made his way into his house.

And then shit gets real.


See you next week!

Here’s the video version of the show:


  1. I need to stop listening to BOU at work.

    No-one’s gonna believe this software functional specs document I’m reading is making me laugh so hard.

    • I listen at the gym and *I* need to stop doing it, because I keep almost injuring myself.


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