BOU 057 – French Fries and the Sheep Fucker

BOU 057 – French Fries and the Sheep Fucker

This episode began with a recap of last week’s episode, Decoy Wallet (and the resulting fallout).

We then debuted the “What’s Up Dave’s Butt?” theme song provided by super fan, Stephanie! (Thanks, Steph!)

Which was of course followed by “What’s Up Dave’s Butt? The McDonald’s Edition!” where Dave went through a litany of EXACTLY how he likes his McDonald’s food, which makes Dave a favorite of fast food employees everywhere.

Apparently, Dave is a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

Dave then came out with the line of the episode, about what bothers him most.

We then talked about a Halloween costume causing some controversy, which led to Johnny and Sean finding some even more disturbing costumes via Google.

This episode is best WATCHED, so check it out on YouTube, eh?

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  1. Okay – so there’s no leave-a-comment option on EP58 podcast about the Enneagrams so I can’t have a bloody rant in context of the right BOU ep so I’m co-opting this. First of all, a pox on you all for making me take the 14 page test, and secondly I got the ‘it’s impossible to define you’ result too, saying I was a creolisation of 2 and 9. Rather than make me feel unique, it’s made me feel like a complete soulless wanker with special needs. However, on the bright side, it has made me think about why I was always last to be picked for the football team at school (not that I’m holding onto shit that happened 30 years ago).
    Great shows as always, guys. Thanks – off to head onto SPP comments now to thank you for answering my ‘chav’ question. Provided there’s a comment option 🙂


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