BOU 059 – The One With The Monster Porn

This week’s show started off with Sean sticking something phallic in his mouth, which pretty much set the tone for another off the rails show.

We then had a return of:

What’s Up Dave’s Butt?

Dave went on a rant about voicemail.

Sean then pointed out Dave’s hypocrisy. Sean and Johnny then both had some stuff up their butts, too.

Then the guys talked about a recent story where Kobo yanked a bunch of books following some publicity involving offensive porn titles, and talked a bit about censorship.

Catch the video below, if you must:


  1. Unicorn Western: Double Penetration

  2. This comment’ll probably get me slaughtered by the god-botherers but… I think Dave’s right (of course); if you censor that shitty monster porn and all the daddy stuff, there will be no ‘vent’ for them. I think the legal side of it is to do with whether it incites or attempts to incite people to go and do it. Which it probably doesn’t. Admittedly it’s a big ask to find a Big Foot to rim/frottage/ride/smack-on-the-arse-with-the-Yellow-Pages-whilst-singing-Rule-Britannia, but not so with the daddy/rape stuff, because the world is populated with dads and daughters a-plenty! And anyway, if they ban it, they’ll have to ban the Bible which actively incites people to: commit genocide, kill their own sons, dash infants against rocks, actively prevent women from being equal and encourage slaving, and for slaves to be subservient, have unprotected sex with angels (okay, maybe that’s circumstantial and if it was encouraged, I guess she only did it to hit the headlines – worked pretty well, though). Well, there’re plenty of people who follow the Bible like a How-to-Live-For-Dummies guide and no-one’s arresting them. IMO if they did arrest them, it would just overpopulate mental asylums – we still have them, right (yeah, I’ve seen Session 9) – instead of prisons as they’d be acquitted on grounds of mental illness. Pah, religion, eh? So there. (Shit I just realised this turned into an anti-Bible rant. so…. er…. #walkingdead er… #battlestargalactica, #thelostcoasttapes phew)

  3. Okay…two comments on today’s episode.
    First, while I personally have no interest in “monster porn” or any of that stuff, I don’t see any problems with people writing, selling or reading it. That said, I see no problems with Kobo or any other private enterprise refusing to sell it. I don’t consider that censorship. Sure, they may have taken some things down that they shouldn’t have, but they were in damage control mode and are doing their best to get as much back up as they can as quickly as they can. No real problem there in my mind.
    My second point is…you use GoDaddy? Really? I thought you were smarter than that, Johnny. I sure hope that Dave & Sean aren’t using them (although recent troubles make me think maybe they were.) I’m surprised that Dave hasn’t had a “What’s up Dave’s Butt” about GoDaddy…horrible company with unethical business practices. If you guys weren’t aware of that, then I’ll leave you the fun of finding out about some of the stuff they do. It’s one of the few companies I’ll offer an unsolicited negative opinion for as soon as their name is mentioned because of some of the things they do.

  4. OMG, I love the reviews on this book, like this one:

    “I am very upset because a pterodactyl is technically not a dinosaur it is a pterosaur. This should be classified under pterosaur erotica.”

    Which like 177 out of 180 people found helpful. Too funny.

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