BOU 006 – Horror Movies That Fucked Us Up Good

BOU 006 – Horror Movies That Fucked Us Up Good

Hi, Undead Heads, Dave here.

Well, another show, another hour of rambling nonsense which may or may not have to do with the topic at hand.

What’s the topic this week? Glad you asked.

Horror Movies That Fucked Us Up Good

The premise: What movie ruined an otherwise ordinary thing for you?

For example, Jaws ruined beaches (not the Bette Midler movie, Beaches, which was also ruined beaches, and women, for a whole generation of guys).

We talked a bit about zombies, our upcoming zombie books, and whether zombies should be called “zombies” in books, or should they be called something like “walkers?”

Sean and I disagreed. Sean wanted to call our zombies, in the forthcoming Z 2134, the Ruined. I like worlds where people actually call zombies fucking zombies! They’re in the pop-culture. If the dead start rising tomorrow, we’re gonna call ‘em zombies, right?

We talked a bit about John Carpenter, and why he’s AWESOME!

He could coast on Halloween and The Thing alone, and still be a master, in my opinion.

Johnny bitched that Stephen King’s time-travel opus, 11/22/63 is a bit too long. Like, about 50% too long.

Sean and Johnny had trouble coming up with other movies, while I found another movie to add to the list, Descent, which ruined cave exploring for me. Well, it would have ruined cave exploring for me, if I ever left my house.

We did another round of Hypotheticals. The question this week:

If a vampire offered you immortal life, and you’d stay your current age forever, would you do it?

I said hell yeah! While Johnny and Sean had to think about it.

This turned into a debate over whether you’d want to lose weight before becoming a vampire, since being a vampire heals you to your former state, in which case, I’d be a fat vampire.

Then I pressed Sean and Johnny for an answer, because obviously PEOPLE WANNA KNOW!

They both said no. (What kind of self-respecting horror authors say NO to vampirism?!)

Then they both had a good laugh, pointing out the irony that I, the most miserable person on the show, would want to live FOREVER.

And then things just spiraled into oblivion until Johnny pulled the plug.

See ya next week with a SURPRISE TOPIC!

As in it’s a surprise even to us, right up until showtime.

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #6 – Horror Movies That Fucked Us Up Good

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