BOU 062 – Dave is Big, Sexy, and Wants to Help You Move

Today we opened with a brief conversation about our TV viewing habits.

Dave then updated us on how he helped a friend moved. Yes, Dave went outside. And helped someone!

Dave talked weight loss, with Sean saying he was going to try and GAIN weight to catch up to Dave just so he can help Dave lose weight. Johnny didn’t want to lose his beautiful abs, though.

Then the guys responded to recent comments on the podcasts from YouTube from listeners saying Dave is good looking. Clearly, we’re big with blind listeners!

If you can’t get enough of Dave’s sexiness, watch the video below:


  1. Dave, of COURSE Johnny’s wife wants him to play sound clips of you during their carnal times. At least then she could imagine a man actually paying attention to her in bed. Can you imagine going to bed with Johnny? He would be more concerned with how his abs looked in the mirror (that he installed over the bed to see himself) than anything else. “Oh, baby, you should see how the lights and shadows play across my washboard stomach. If only you had my view of it! Could you move to the right a little? Perfect!” *winks at himself* It’s probably like that Paris Hilton sex video where she kept pushing her partner out of the screen so she could see how she looked on camera.


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