BOU 065 – Sean’s Mom is a Hoarder

On today’s show, Dave is being forced to clean his garage for his wife before her cousin comes in to help. You see, Dave doesn’t want people to know he’s a bit of a hoarder.

Which turned into a conversation about Sean’s mom being an even worse hoarder.

How bad?

You can see her junk from space!

Watch the video below. Though, be warned, this might be our worst show ever.


  1. Hey Guys,

    I’d be sad if you stopped Better Off Undead. Please keep ranting Dave! You guys make me happy. Commutes get taken, dishes get washed and clothes get folded to you guys.

    Loved this episode on Hoarding. I’ve moved once or twice a year for the last eight years. Until I got married this past summer, I could put everything that went with me in two suite cases and a backpack. Ya, my mama has three boxes in her attic for me, but that’s it. Wonderful way to live. The secret you guys already know, move, move, and move. The pain of dragging your stuff will make you loose your stuff, fast!

    I totally feel Dave’s pain on throwing away books. My local library back in the States takes books. You can even get tax credit for it. They either put the books in their catalog or sell them for 50 cents, as long as they’re in passable condition. And they just take them in huge bags. I gave them over a hundred pounds one month, dejunking my mother’s house. My other way of handling it is sharing books. I finish a book, think of someone who would like it and dump them in the mail with a note. Gone! and my friends and family know I was thinking of them.

    Keep up the great stuff guys. You keep me smiling, even in this dismal cold weather in Gunma, Japan.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Thanks so much Ciara — I love that we’re entertaining you (or at least someone!)

  3. Hey guys, I couldn’t resist commenting on this one. First, I love both your podcasts. I can identify with Dave so much it’s scary. We don’t see eye to eye on matters of faith, but I understand where Dave’s coming from on nearly everything else. As for hoarding, I can relate to Sean’s mom’s situation. We have a friend like that. After he had a stroke and heart attack, we moved him out of his trailer into an apartment. The trailer’s surrounded by several outbuildings which were loaded with stuff, not to mention the stuff outside. I won’t even try to describe the inside of the trailer, but you could hardly walk in it. My wife and I invited our daughter, her husband and his parents to come down one weekend and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Plus, we had to get some notion of what all is there, if for no other reason than to find something our friend would ask for occasionally. We filled 10 dumpsters to the tune of $750, and we’ve only made a dent. Our friend refuses to sell anything, and my wife doesn’t want to mess with his stuff when he dies. It’s a sad situation.


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