BOU 067 – Mice Shit in Johnny’s Oven

Back after a week off, and we’ve got a LOT of stuff to talk about.

We talked a bit about our last episode, A Very Davey Christmas, and how Sean makes us feel inadequate.

Johnny then regaled us with a story about…


Dave followed up on his cookie story from the last episode. What happened when his friend found out about him bitching about the apples?

Sean talked about his daughter and Santa, and the book he wrote.

Then we talked about resolutions and Jay Chastain’s challenge.

Watch this week’s Better Off Undead below


  1. Hey guys. I listened to this episode while walking through Japanese farmland and factories. Some of the people must have thought I was nuts, because I burst out laughing several times. I have a rat story to share, since you guys all had one.

    I lived in an old pony express style stone house with a sealed attic when I was six. We knew there were rats in the attic because my sisters and I would talk to them through the walls. One morning while my mother was stirring oatmeal on the stove and my sister and I were setting the breakfast table, there was a load clatter and a screech. My mother screamed and a rat, almost as big as our cats leaped out of the hot oatmeal pan and started running around the kitchen. I never saw my mother tear after something like that before or since. It took her hours, chasing that thing around the kitchen with a broom before she stunned it. The cats wouldn’t even help, because it was so big. We never had breakfast or lunch that day. We had to sterilize the entire dining and kitchen area after Mama stunned and drowned it. Thanks for another entertaining episode. You guys make me happy. Please keep finding out what’s up Dave’s butt!

    • This reminds me of a true story I recounted in The Bialy Pimps. The manager of the deli went into our dirty, single-occupancy bathroom to take a dump and had laid toilet paper on the toilet seat and had his pants around his ankles before realizing that the rat was in the tiny room with him, behind the garbage can. He then chased it around the bathroom until he’d beaten it to death with the rubber end of the plunger. We took pictures.


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