BOU 068 – The Weed Show

In this week’s episode, Dave talks about a scary experience at Target, involving a flu shot gone wrong.

Then the guys talked about Dave’s insanity and possible solutions.

Then they talked about how weed should just be legal already.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Dave, regarding dentist visits, see if you can find a dentist that does sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry. My husband has VERY sensitive teeth, and he takes valium the night before his appt, and another the morning of. It means I have to drive him, but at least he goes now.
    He also gets very infrequent panic attacks, but he doesn’t take anything for themon a daily basis. When he has one he takes meds for it at the time, usually followed by a nap.
    (And for what it’s worth, he has also employed decoy wallets in the past. By which I mean he has actually had to give them to muggers more than once.)


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