BOU 074 – How to Spot People Who Might Shit in the Sink

BOU 074 – How to Spot People Who Might Shit in the Sink

Sean bitched about ATT’s inability to CORRECTLY BILL HIM!

Dave bitched about a credit card company.

Dave showed off his awesome dance moves.

Then Dave talked about his trip to Target and an emergency run to the toilet.

Dave also shared a story from his time as a graveyard shift cashier and how to spot people who might shit in the sink.

W.C. Hoffman started a Facebook fan page devoted to Dave called, what else, I Hate You All.

Johnny talked about how he is becoming more like his wife.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Definitely sounds like it’s time to leave AT&T…I recommend transferring your number to Google Voice. Then you can use whatever service you want and still get your calls on the computer or on a phone. For service, I use Republic Wireless…been very happy with them. $19/mo for unlimited voice/text/data ($25/mo on their new plan with a more up to date phone.)


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