BOU 075 – 3 Guys, 2 Cups

BOU 075 – 3 Guys, 2 Cups

Well, we FINALLY did it!

We’ve recorded the WORST SHOW EVER.

Not a good worst, either.

Not the kind where we offend people and have to take the show down.

No, this one was painfully dull.

After a marathon week of podcasting, an Ask Us Anything Hangout, and Indie Recon, we were wiped out this week and totally phoned this episode in.

We talked about Dave wanting to stop drinking soda, our cups, and how Dave is beloved among listeners and Johnny’s children.

Dave also told a story involving his decoy wallet.

But for the most part, this is 20 minutes of pure misery.

On the plus side, we’re OFF next week.

On the down side, we’ll be back the week after.

Check out the video below … if you must.

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  1. Since you brought up the decoy wallet, I thought I should mention that I’ve now got one. I bought a new (RFID blocking!) wallet, so figure I’ll keep the old one as a decoy wallet for when I travel. Conveniently enough, I’ve got an expired credit card w/an invalid account number since my wife had used it at Target so they sent us a new one around the same time, and an old license that has an address I’m no longer living at. Throw a couple bucks in it and it’ll be complete… 😉


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