BOU 078 – Carl vs. Subway and Dave Meets His Match

BOU 078 – Carl vs. Subway and Dave Meets His Match

Our friend, Carl Sinclair returns to try and make up for being on our worst show ever.

And in this episode, we find out that Dave and Carl are scarily alike.

Except Carl lives in Australia with killer spiders, kangaroos, and firenados.

We also play F, Marry, Kill with the audience.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Enjoy the show, in spite of your self-loathing. Still catching up, but I wanted to share something regarding doctor’s office appointments.

    I used to work in the healthcare field, and a little trick that I learned is to schedule appointments for either right as the office opens or right when they re-open after the lunch break. Assuming that your doctor is not just a twat, the wait time is minimal when you do this.

    The reason why the appointments run behind is two-fold –
    1) walk-ins, while they usually have to wait until after scheduled appointments, they still screw with the schedule and this just piles up as the day goes on, and
    2) some patients take longer than expected in the office, either because they don’t know how to explain their problem or because they are reluctant to leave the office, and this again starts delaying things and piling up again.
    First thing in the morning and right after lunch, the pile-up is wiped clean and you can many times get in and out very quickly.

    Hope you all are doing well, or as well as Dave can be.



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