BOU 008 – Our Most and Least Favorite Horror Mainstays, Cliches, and Tropes

BOU 008 – Our Most and Least Favorite Horror Mainstays, Cliches, and Tropes

Dave here with this week’s Better Off Undead update…

This week we talk about horror tropes. Well, ostensibly, that’s the idea.

Warning: This show goes so far off-topic, that we should probably change the title of this podcast to “Random Bullshit.”

We immediately went off course, with some spoiler free talk about True Blood possibly jumping the shark, how I hated the last season of Dexter and would rather watch the entire run of The Golden Girls than that shitfest again. I DO however hold out hope that the show redeems itself this season.

Johnny talked about his forthcoming novella, Fat Vampire, which sounds like it’s gonna be hilarious!

Sean mentioned our zombie short story, Chris Wakes Up, which is from the perspective of a newly infected zombie.

We talked a bit about revising our first book, Available Darkness as a proper serial, which just launched yesterday.

I talked about my newest viewing habit — watching these guys play the open world zombie game, Day Z, and how much I wish we could play this on macs, and it would be fun as hell to play with Johnny and Sean.

We talked a bit more about writing and that Johnny and Sean are working on something which for the moment is called Tattered Atlas, though that title could change.

At around 28 minutes, we FINALLY got to the subject…

Horror tropes, which were inspired by this exhaustive list of TV tropes.

The first trope … facial horror, which was met with the standard maturity you’d expect from us.

The last part of the show was spent debating M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, where we violently disagreed with whether The Village was great, and whether M. Night will make an awesome return with great stuff again.

which led to Sean telling us how he once sat at a movie screening with Mel Gibson.

Which pretty much ended the show.

Stay tuned next week, when we SWEAR, we’ll talk about tropes. No, really, this time.

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #8 – Our Most and Least Favorite Horror Mainstays, Cliches, and Tropes


  1. Just catching up. Loved this episode. I think you should classify your podcast about shows ans movies you’ve watched, since that’s often what you talk about. I love it because I started watching Breaking Bad and restarted Lost because of things you’ve said on the show. I have a huge list of movies I want to watch or rewatch because of you guys.

    I’m just saying.

    • Makes sense in theory, but how many do we hit on each show? 🙂


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