BOU 084 – Carl and Darren Teach Us About Dogging and Soggy Biscuits

BOU 084 – Carl and Darren Teach Us About Dogging and Soggy Biscuits

In what might be our most disturbing, LEAST SAFE FOR WORK SHOW EVER, Carl Sinclair and Darren Wearmouth stopped by for another visit, this time to bring some culture to the BOU podcast and teach us Americans about the rest of the world.

So if you’re not yet familiar with terms like dogging, piking, and soggy biscuits, strap yourself in for a show like no other!

It’s like a travel show — if you were touring hell.

And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

If you’re easily offended, or not an adult, RUN AWAY!!


Here’s some responses to the show on Youtube:

Steve Manke — “I wish there was an Apple+Z to remove this episode from my brain.  Maybe we should start a kickstarter campaign…”

Mike Cerio — “I cannot un-know this now…thanks. :)” Colin F. Barnes — “Of all the terrible things covered in the show, it’s interesting that Dave is most upset about the food wastage. ”

Gerald Hornsby — “I’m so pleased the Anglophiles are able to bring some quality culture to BOU. At last.”

quotidianlight — “I think this show is the best evidence against boys boarding schools.”

Colin F. Barnes — “Darren Wearmouth — Author, Accidental Piker.”

Enjoy! Here’s the video below, if you insist on watching this train wreck!

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  1. This, the first in the Commonwealth games series, surely brings horror back to the podcast.

    Is this what is meant by blokeish? I do not see any comments (yet) from women. I am curious how this episode works for that demographic.


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