BOU 085 – Darren’s Surprise for Dave

BOU 085 – Darren’s Surprise for Dave

In yet another effort to add culture and class to our show, Carl Sinclair and Darren Wearmouth stopped by for another visit. Darren decided to surprise Dave by wearing a disturbing fox mask, though he swears it’s not his dogging costume.

We talked about Alaskan pipelines, how Carl’s daughter’s school is ripping him off for a coupon book, and Darren’s diet.

About halfway through the show, Sean finally showed up and explained what an Alaskan pipeline is.

Dave told a story about how he went to church last weekend and got ambushed.

Dave unveiled a new Better Off Undead promo poster (see the image below) that he drew which includes some of the weirder review quotes from iTunes.


And we continued to scare away our female listeners with Carl and Darren’s crass talk.

We truly need to bring some women on the show to REALLY class up the joint and make it less blokeish, as Joanna Penn lovingly (we think) calls us.

Next week we’ll try and deliver a less disturbing show.

Or perhaps we’ll sink even further.

Enjoy the video goodness below.


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  1. Better Off Undead: The interactive podcast where you and the hosts Google acts that can get you put in prison.

    I feel like this is the direction BOU’s been heading since Episode 7.


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