BOU 089 – Carl and Darren Get Shitfaced

BOU 089 – Carl and Darren Get Shitfaced

Making a return visit to the show, listener favorites, Carl Sinclair and Darren Wearmouth stopped by to hang out.

Carl, operating on VERY little sleep, looked absolutely baked.

Dave talked about the danger of appliances and the imminent robot takeover.

Carl talked about how he is going to blog about meals for geeks.

Johnny doesn’t know what Daleks are!

Dave talked about trying to eat healthy and his disgust for curry.

Darren gave a colorful description of what curry does to your asshole.

Carl talked about how he works with someone who is a huge fan of Sean and Johnny’s stuff.

Watch the video below.

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  1. In fairness, I said she liked it. A huge fan might be a bit of a stretch…

    Enjoyed it as always. Don’t agree with Dave on the curry, he has no idea what a good curry will do. I do agree with Darren on what curry can do to your arsehole though. Ouch.


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