BOU 009 – A Surprising Guest Appearance by “Wool” Author Hugh Howey

BOU 009 – A Surprising Guest Appearance by “Wool” Author Hugh Howey

Cover for Hugh Howey's I, ZombieA Better Off Undead first — we stayed COMPLETELY ON TOPIC!!

Of course, it helps that our topic was also another first, a guest for BOU!

Wool author Hugh Howey was kind enough (insane enough) to stay with us after our interview over at The Self Publishing Podcast, where we talked about Hugh’s breakout success as an indie writer. If you’re a Hugh fan, that’s probably the show you wanna listen to.

On Better Off Undead, however, all format is abandoned for an hour long chat on anything and everything.

We started off talking about Hugh’s zombie book, I, Zombie, and how disgusting it gets. Hugh wrote it in response to fans asking him to write a zombie book. He decided, I’ll write a zombie story, but it’s not gonna be the bullshit you’re used to seeing. It’s gonna be real.

And Hugh told us about one of the darker scenes in the book.

We also talked about the origins of Johnny’s forthcoming Fat Vampire book, about a vampire book Hugh is writing, our favorite horror movies, and…

whether or not The Dark Knight Rises sucks.

Johnny said it was the best movie ever, while Hugh said it was worse than Birdemic!

Sean and I (Dave) have yet to see it, so we all promised to get together for a roundtable debate once we’ve all seen it.

Hugh also played a couple rounds of our favorite game, Hypotheticals, and asked us one of his own.

As was usual custom, the show ended in almost awkward silence following some bad jokes.

Join us next week for more on-topic horror discussion!

To view the video version of this episode, go to: Better Off Undead #9 – A Surprising Guest Appearance by “Wool” Author Hugh Howey


  1. I know, I know, this show is, like, nine months old already. Sorry. I recently downloaded the series and I’m listening to all of ’em from the beginning. Your “Batman” discussion in this episode cracked me up. Well, not literally, fortunately, since I was driving home from work while listening. Anyway — and this kind of goes along with “Fat Vampire” in a way — when I was a kid watching “Batman” reruns on TV after school, one of the scariest episodes — and I was, like, nine, so not a tiny tyke — was a King Tut episode. Yeah, a crazy fat guy villain. One of the Tut episodes opened with a mysterious Egyptian statue appearing in a city park. As Batman and Robin were checking out the ominous obelisk, a hidden spring-loaded dagger suddenly shot out, narrowly missing Robin. I recall the scene effectively conveying a sense of melodramatic dread, and the sudden appearance of the knife coming as a surprising shock.

    Granted, from that point on the episode probably became rather silly. But Tut always seemed to have a number of scantily clad girls around… to add interest for older and more discerning viewers, I suppose. Since I listen to your show rather than watching the videos, I like to picture Dave reclining amid a harem of similarly exotic sirens.

    If modern film writers and directors were any good, they should tackle Tut… and make him scary. That’s a “Batman” movie I’d pay to see. Of course, they’d have to bring back the “real” Batmobile….

    Riddler, as portrayed by Frank Gorshin, was freakin’ freaky, too. Some of the Riddler episodes, or at least Gorshin’s scenes in those eps, are quite intense. He exudes insanity. At every moment he looks like he might explode and kill everyone in sight. Some of the early Riddler episodes feature disturbingly dark cinematography, with lots of shadows and an overall “grungy” look of decay and despair. Modern viewers often scoff at the TV Batman for being “camp,” but the show had moments of genuine chills.

    And ya know, the time Bruce Wayne was strapped to an ambulance gurney that fell out of an ambulance and careened down a hill… TUNE IN TOMORROW! SAME BAT-TIME! SAME BAT-CHANNEL! Was THAT a nail-biter, or what?

    The Batman TV show rocked. And so did BOU #9.

  2. Ha, hey Dave, welcome to the party!


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