BOU 90 – The Inappropriate Sitcom

BOU 90 – The Inappropriate Sitcom

After a week off, BOU just got more disturbing, offensive, and unbelievably piss-your-pants funny.

We went from having nothing to talk about to plenty, which is never good.

The best part was Dave trying to rant while avoiding any screaming or vulgarity because his family was in the very next room. The result was hilarious.

We also learned:

  • What bizarre thing Dave did to scare a seven-year-old
  • Yet another reason for Johnny to move to Austin
  • Why Dave is afraid of popcorn
  • What gives Dave a boner as fast as a British accent (Hint: It starts with an “S” and ends with “ool shootings”)

Of course, that all ended with an idea for the world’s most inappropriate sitcom idea. Thus the name of this episode!

Here’s the video version: Enjoy! (Or, you know, don’t)

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