Better Off Undead 91 – Ray Chase Does Sitcoms and Dave Goes Blind

Better Off Undead 91 – Ray Chase Does Sitcoms and Dave Goes Blind

In this week’s BOU, Ray Chase came back from the dead! Not really, but he did spice things up a bit.

First, while waiting for Ray to get back on, Dave talked about his constant struggle with his Mac. Apparently, no matter how much RAM he puts on his computer, Mavericks takes IT ALL UP with nothing.

We also got a scintillating update from Dave’s eye troubles, which intersect with his ongoing search for the perfect pillow. Did he find it? Did he give away his last and only hope to sleep comfort? Does Ray actually sleep on top of a dog? And what’s Morgan Freeman doing in the Queen’s chambers?

Find out all that and more on Better Off Undead!

Here’s the video version, so you can get an eyeful of Dave’s epic beard:

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  1. First of all – I can’t believe that as a female listener I’ve been listening to and ENJOYING this show from the first episode. If anything I love the current format the best. It’s like listening in to a friendly (funny and twisted) conversation. Y’all are hilarious.

    Dave – Seriously, you should do the sleep study. It’s not as horrible as it sounds. I used to be overweight and suffered from severe sleep apnea where I found out that it was not a genetic obstruction, but one caused by my weight. Once I was diagnosed and used the machine it changed my life and I felt like a new person because I was actually getting good sleep.

    I used the machine for about a year and now I no longer have the issue because the change in energy levels due to actually getting some quality shut-eye has allowed me to be able to exercise (paired with eating healthy) and I lost a significant amount of weight.

    I’m sure you know that sleep apnea is serious and has a snowball effect. And having the energy to actually enjoy life (and mostly my son) is an amazing thing.


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