Better Off Undead 96 – Johnny’s Accumulated Grievances

Johnny wants to improve his ranting skills, so the guys dedicated this episode to letting Johnny air his grievances and rant for a bit.

Johnny said he wanted to be appreciated by others for being a writer of awesome fiction. Problem is, apparently it’s very hard to find people who give a crap about what you’ve written.

Dave decided that it’s basically impossible to have friends. He also admitted that he can’t call someone a close friend if they haven’t read his books, which swings both ways.

Johnny’s next try at ranting was about soccer practice on Friday nights. After that, he complained about being a reluctant farmer.

Johnny’s featured rant involved the ALS ice bucket challenge. He’s been challenged, but he’s stuck with the dilemma of having to tag someone else.

Oh, and we get a bonus story about how Dave almost made it rich. Twice.

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