Better Off Undead #101 – Sunshine and Death

This week’s episode was recorded last week and then sent through a time warp, skipping it’s way through several branching paths of reality, before landing on your iPod for your listening pleasure. I wish I could say you’re going to love this show (something a wise man would never say about BOU), but the guys ended up more melancholy than funny this time.

Coming down from the high that was the Summit in Austin, Dave was depressed to be away from a creative atmosphere of like-minded peers, and Johnny was not happy with the thought of another winter in Ohio, having to leave his dreams of joining Sean in Austin for yet another year.

Despite that, the idea for a new podcast was born, and it just might become a reality, as a limited, Platinum-Reader-used-to-be-called-Stoner-exclusive on the site.

So stay tuned for the first-ever episode of Sunshine and Death!

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