Better Off Undead #119 – Dave’s Epic Olive Garden Rant

It’s “A Very Davey Christmas” all over again. This week’s show was a deep dive into the puzzling and paranoid mind of David Wright, as well as a perfect snapshot of just how Sean and Johnny think so totally differently. (Well, maybe not that differently, as you’ll notice in the show.)

This episode is an instant classic, and it’s called “Dave’s Epic Olive Garden Rant” for a reason. The whole show rolls out like an epic, and it’s performed in a way only three natural storytellers could. The buildup is massive. The tension is wound so tight you could play melodies on it. Then it all crumbles in an anticlimactic swoop, a true tragedy that leaves you in tears of laughter.

Leave a comment to express your opinion. (To comment, go here: Should Dave have gotten someone fired? Was the whole Olive Garden experience really so bad? Did the server make up for it with the goodie bag? Listen in and then let us know what you think!

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